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Northeast Times | January 21, 2022

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Press Statement: $80,000

Press Statement: $80,000

After facing scrutiny from Texans, Texas Republican Governor Rick Perry decided moving forward he will use campaign funds to pay for his defense attorneys rather than continuing to use taxpayer dollars.

According to the Texas Tribune, records show that Texas taxpayers have spent about $80,000 on Perry’s criminal investigation so far. [Texas Tribune, 8/20/2014]

Texas Democratic Party Executive Director Will Hailer released the following statement:

“Governor Perry has finally realized its not right for Texas taxpayers to pay for his high priced defense attorneys. But he has still taken nearly $80,000 away from the state to pay his legal fees up to this point and he should pay that back.

“Texans expect their governor to be thoughtful with their money, not selfish. Hardworking families know that $80,000 goes a long way – towards classrooms, better streets, and a more secure border. Perry needs to do right by Texans and pay back Texas taxpayers for his legal expenses from his two felony indictments.”