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Northeast Times | February 9, 2023

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Facing Prosecution, Perry Threatens His Texan Peers

Facing Prosecution, Perry Threatens His Texan Peers

Yesterday, Texas Republican Governor Rick Perry held a press conference where he said his indictment was a “farce of a prosecution” and that “those responsible will be held accountable.” Why does Perry think his indictment was farce and who exactly does Perry plan to hold accountable?

The District Judge with Jurisdiction?
Republican Billy Ray Stubblefield, presiding judge over 3rd judicial district was appointed by Rick Perry.

The Appointed Judge in Charge?
Judge Stubblefield appointed Republican retired Judge Bert Richardson of Bexar County to handle Perry’s corruption case.

The Special Prosecutor?
Judge Richardson appointed Mike McCrumb as the special prosecutor. McCrumb was a U.S. prosecutor under George W. Bush whose name was submitted for U.S. Attorney by Sen. John Cornyn.

The Grand Jury?
A jury of Perry’s Texan peers, randomly selected to carry out their civic duty. Texans, just like you.

A Farce?
Texas Democratic Party Executive Director Will Hailer released the following statement:

“Texas Republican Governor Rick Perry faces the result of a nonpartisan, independent investigation by a grand jury of his peers. His fellow Texans indicted him on felony charges for coercion and abuse of power when he shut down funding to the law enforcement unit tasked with holding his own administration and political officials accountable.”

“The only farce is Governor Perry’s denial. Perry has betrayed his fellow Texans and its time for him to step down.”