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Northeast Times | February 5, 2023

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Positive Mosquito Results for West Nile Virus

Positive Mosquito Results for West Nile Virus

The City of Grapevine has received official confirmation that one mosquito sample in Grapevine has tested positive for carrying the West Nile Virus. A positive mosquito sample was detected in the 2700 block of Whitby Lane. This area is scheduled for mosquito control ground spraying on Thursday night, August 14 beginning at 9:30 p.m.

Spray Control Area: The area to be sprayed is within a half mile radius of the 2700 block of Whitby Lane. Please see the attached map to view the area to be sprayed. While the insecticide is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency for treatment, residents should take the following precautions during spraying: residents in the above area should avoid contact with the spray by staying indoors; keep windows and doors closed during spraying; persons inside a vehicle while trucks are actively spraying should remain in their vehicles with the windows up and the air conditioner on until the trucks pass and the spray is no longer visible; persons out during the scheduled spraying time should be alert for trucks and should not follow them; cover ornamental ponds and birdbaths; bring your pets inside for the night; bring in pet dishes or cover them. Residents who come in contact with the spray are advised to wash the affected area thoroughly with soap and water, the spray breaks down quickly in the presence of sunlight and has no residual effect. If you have health problems, such as asthma, take precautions as directed by your doctor, if necessary.

Grapevine residents are urged to take precautions against mosquito bites by reducing outdoor activity during evening and nighttime hours. Residents who are outside during these times should cover their arms and legs and use a mosquito repellant that contains DEET.

Prevent Mosquito Breeding: Residents should eliminate standing water to prevent mosquito breeding and the spread of West Nile Virus. Breeding places for mosquitoes include swimming pools that are not kept clean, stagnant ponds, pet watering dishes, birdbaths, potted plants, old tires, empty containers, toys and clogged rain gutters and French drains. Standing water should be eliminated promptly. Mosquito “dunks” that may be placed in standing water that cannot be drained are available to the public. The dunks may be obtained in the Parks and Recreation Administration Department at City Hall, 200 South Main Street or at the Municipal Service Center, 501 Shadybrook. To report standing water or mosquito problems, Grapevine residents should call 817.410.3330. For additional information on mosquito control, please visit