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Northeast Times | January 31, 2023

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Second Positive Sample for West Nile Virus Found

Second Positive Sample for West Nile Virus Found

The City of Southlake has been notified that a mosquito sample tested positive for West Nile Virus. The sample was taken from a trap in the 700 Block of Ashleigh Lane, located in Timarron.

The City will ground spray within a half-mile of the location around where the sample was found (see map below). Ground spraying will take place tomorrow night (8/28), Friday night (8/29) and Saturday night (8/30), after 9 p.m. in accordance with the City’s West Nile Virus Action Plan.

“Many people don’t realize that backyards are unintended breeding grounds for mosquitoes,” explains Public Works Director Bob Price. “Mosquitoes prefer stagnant water and any area that holds a little more than a teaspoon of undisturbed water for a couple of days can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.”

Price reminds everyone to Fight the Bite. Be sure to check your property for standing water. In addition check containers, house gutters and French drains, your water meter box, tree holes, blocked irrigation heads, gutter drains and other underground pipes, pool overflow pipes, storm drains for the presence of standing water. Finally, don’t forget to use insect repellent whenever you are outside where mosquitoes may be present.

For more information on what Southlake is doing in the area of mosquito surveillance and control, visit