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Northeast Times | November 30, 2022

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Saginaw’s First Adult Summer Reading Club Has a Happy Ending

Saginaw’s First Adult Summer Reading Club Has a Happy Ending

The John Ed Keeter Public Library of Saginaw has provided a fun filled, entertaining, and educational Summer Reading Club Program for decades, but only for children and teens. It was not until this summer 2014 did they hold their first Summer Reading Club Program that was open to ALL ages including adults. Needs Assessment Surveys and past Summer Reading Club Surveys showed that parents and guardians of children as well as many other adults in the community were eager to celebrate the love of reading by participating in their own Adult Summer Reading Club Program.

The Texas State Library and Archives Commission provided free promotional materials for both kids and adults to the Saginaw library for this year’s theme: “Fizz! Boom! Read!” The Saginaw library was able to have an explosively fun program with science themed events and decorations including: a refrigerator box from Ace Mart Restaurant Supply in Haltom City that was painted and cut to look like a Doctor Who Tardis during the month of June; Big Bang Theory electrifying plasma balls and 3D printing and scanning during July; and a Model T from C.R. Auto’s Repair in Saginaw along with other various Downton Abbey science and technology items during August.

A total of 363 adults enrolled in Saginaw’s 2014 Adult Summer Reading Club Program. Like the kids, adults were encouraged to read with incentive prizes which included a weekly drawing for Saginaw Library card holders. For each item checked out from the Saginaw library that was either an adult or young adult book or audiobook during the summer, the adult received an entry slip for the drawings. 2,111 entries were submitted. The grand prize was an Apple iPad Mini and the winner was Saginaw resident Ladye Townsend who loves to read.

“I think when kids see parents, guardians, and other adults checking out books from the library and reading them, they look up to those adults and see how important reading really is for everyone. Adults end up being great literacy role models and library advocates for the kids. Just like in the books, our first Adult Summer Reading Club Program had a Happy Ending too.” Paula Waak, Library Director.

The John Ed Keeter Public Library is located at 355 W. McLeroy Blvd. in Saginaw. For more information contact them at 817.230.0300 or visit them at See attached photos from the Summer Reading Club…