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Northeast Times | February 8, 2023

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Gov. Perry Promotes Stronger Economic Ties between Texas and Japan

Gov. Perry Promotes Stronger Economic Ties between Texas and Japan

Gov. Perry is in Tokyo promoting stronger economic ties between Texas and Japan. Japan is already one of Texas’ largest trading partners and Gov. Perry told members of the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan today there is room for that partnership to grow.
“We’re open to the world. People like what they see in Texas and that includes quite a few men and women from Japan who are doing business in our state,” Gov. Perry said. “Our economy in Texas is thriving because of our open and optimistic attitude and because we’ve implemented conservative policies that have allowed the private sector to grow and create jobs.”
Japan was the 10th largest export market for Texas-made products in 2013, with exports totaling about $5 billion, an increase of 8.62% from 2012. Japan was also Texas’ 10th largest source of imports in 2013, with $6.7 billion in products imported from Japan. Since 2003, Japanese companies have invested $5 billion in Texas and created more than 7,000 local jobs. Japan was also the fourth largest source of foreign direct investment in Texas between 2009 and 2013.
Gov. Perry also used the speech to call for continued work toward agreement on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).
“With the Trans-Pacific Partnership, we’re facing one of the defining opportunities of this generation. It’s clear to see the enormous benefits when some of the most productive economies on earth have access to each other’s markets,” Gov. Perry said. “The TPP sets high standards, and it’s going to take some effort and compromise to reach them, but all of that effort will be worth it.”
Today’s speech was the first stop on Gov. Perry’s tour of Asia, aimed at touting Texas’ growing economy and increasing trade. Gov. Perry will next travel to China, where he will attend a meeting of the World Economic Forum in Tianjin.
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