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Northeast Times | January 31, 2023

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MEDIA ADVISORY Tuesday, September 16

MEDIA ADVISORY Tuesday, September 16

Gov. Rick Perry will speak at the 82nd Annual Meeting of the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association in Austin. The governor will discuss some of the transportation successes of his administration, including:

– The addition of 6,660 lane miles to the state highway system from 2001-2012, more than any other state.
– The development of Proposition One, which with voter approval in November, will dedicate surplus revenue from the severance tax on oil and gas to the State Highway Fund with a potential for annual transfers. Current estimates for the first transfer are around $1.7 billion to be used for road construction and maintenance.
– The allocation of $450 million for repairs to roadways in energy development areas, including an unprecedented $225 million to be granted directly to counties so they can make repairs to the county road system.
– TxDOT and TxDMV have implemented reforms that now save taxpayers millions of dollars per year by streamlining their inventory of vehicles, heavy equipment and property.

Tuesday, September 16
8:30 am – Austin
Hilton Austin
Governor’s Ballroom (4th Floor)
500 East 4th Street