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Northeast Times | February 9, 2023

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Road construction updates for SH 26 and around town

Road construction updates for SH 26 and around town

As you know, plans can change with construction projects due to weather, scheduling and other issues. Please know we’ll do our very best to provide you the most accurate information possible.

The traffic shift at SH 26 and John McCain was successfully completed on Tuesday, Sept. 23. The shift of motorists to new pavement eliminated the gap between the north and southbound lanes, and increased the mobility and safety of motorists traveling through the area during this phase of construction. We expect this lane configuration to remain in place for the foreseeable future.

Traffic signal at John McCain Road and SH 26
The temporary absence of a turn lane at this intersection requires specific sequencing and timing of this traffic light for maximum safety. TxDOT will continue to monitor this signal to make any needed adjustments. A Colleyville police officer will be on site to manually operate the signal as needed during peak morning and afternoon drive times.

The city is in discussions with TxDOT and the contractor regarding implementation of a 24/7 work schedule to expedite the completion of this phase of the project.

Safety First
We ask that all motorists pay close attention to signs and speed limits as they travel through the work zone. The safety of our citizens is our number one priority.

Please send any questions, concerns, or comments to

SH 26 UTILITY RELOCATION PROJECT (City of Colleyville/utility franchises)
The city continues to relocate water and sewer lines along SH 26 in preparation for the next phase of TxDOT’s reconstruction project. Again, this work will be accomplished primarily in the rights-of-way adjacent to the roadway but, at times, some limited lane closures may be necessary. For the most part, crews will bore horizontally along the roadway to provide a new location for the water and sewer lines. Franchise utilities, such as Atmos Energy (gas lines) and ONCOR (overhead power lines) are also relocating their respective utilities.

Please send any questions, concerns, or comments to

Water line relocations
The outside northbound lane of SH 26, from Brown Trail to Bransford Road (just south of the Texaco station), will be closed from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. next week so crews can install a new waterline.

A new water line will also be installed in the 5000 block of SH 26, from Old Glade Road to Thompson Terrace. For that line, crews will bore along SH 26 to allow for the installation. Possible lane closures from Old Glade Rd. to Thompson Terrace from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Also in the same area, on the west side of the road, the contractor will be boring under SH26 for new water line installation just north of Old Glade Road.

Atmos Energy line relocations
Atmos will be relocating gas lines from Industrial Boulevard to Hall Johnson Road this week. There will be no lane closures and any impact to traffic in the area should be minimal. All businesses affected by the relocation work have been notified and the city is helping to schedule the work to minimize the impact to those businesses. Starting Monday or Tuesday (the week of Sept. 29), Industrial Boulevard and Oak Pointe will be reduced to one way, in and out, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.; however, the road will not be completely closed.

Oncor power line relocations
Contractor will continue to move overhead lines along SH 26 from Glade Rd. to Brown Trail. There should be no impact to traffic in that area.

Time Warner relocations
Starting on Monday, Sept. 29, Time Warner will be moving overhead cable on the east side of SH 26—southbound from Tennison Parkway to Tarrant Lane.

Jackson/Cheek-Sparger roundabout construction (200 feet north of Jackson/Cheek-Sparger intersection)
Jackson Road is currently closed while the roundabout is being built. The road is scheduled to re-open to thru traffic in November. [No change since last update.]

Jackson Road rehabilitation (Sherwood Lane to Glade Road roundabout)
This is a Tarrant County project slated to begin in October. While the city provides the funding for the project, the county provides the equipment and manpower. Complete rehabilitation of the road will necessitate the closure of the road for about 45 days. [No change since last update.]

Lavaca Trail rehabilitation
Lavaca Trail has reopened.

Pleasant Run Road Reconstruction
Scheduled to start in October, full reconstruction of Pleasant Run Road from Veranda Lane (in the Village) to Bogart Drive will necessitate closure of the road to thru traffic. Staff will work to accommodate local traffic. The duration of the project is projected to be 270 days. [No change since last update.]

Quiet Zones preparations
Quad gates are being installed at the Bransford Road and Pleasant Run Road railroad crossings, so the city can establish quiet zones so trains won’t be required to sound their horns when nearing grade crossings in Colleyville. Quad gates must be established to provide the appropriate safety measures to allow quiet zones. At the John McCain Road crossing, the necessary safety features have been accomplished with raised medians. Work on the John McCain Road crossing is already complete.

The federal government determines when a quiet zone is ready to be instituted. Early indications are that the quiet zones through Colleyville will take effect before the end of this year.

Bransford Road crossing
The railroad crossing on Bransford Road was closed on Monday, Sept. 15, for the installation of quad gates. Initially anticipated to reopen in mid-October, the crossing is now scheduled to reopen on Friday, Oct. 3—almost two weeks ahead of schedule. NOTE: While actual construction will end early next week, the concrete has to set up for seven days. The road cannot reopen until the concrete has set up, so even though there won’t be workers on the site, the concrete will be setting up to finish the final phase of the project.

Pleasant Run Road crossing
The crossing at Pleasant Run Road is scheduled for closure on Monday, Oct. 6. As part of the project, a left-turn lane to L.D. Lockett Road will be added. Pending weather, the crossing is anticipated to reopen in mid-November.