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Northeast Times | February 9, 2023

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Colleyville City Charter

Colleyville City Charter

The City Charter allows ten (10) days for the city secretary to certify the petition by verifying the names on the petition against the roll of registered Colleyville voters. If the required number of signatures is verified, the petition will be certified and submitted to the Colleyville City Council at the next regularly scheduled City Council meeting, along with an ordinance or resolution containing the proposed legislation as written in the petition. The City Charter stipulates that “such ordinance or resolution as provided in Article III of this Charter, without alteration as to meaning or effect” can be adopted by the City Council or the City Council can call for the proposed legislation to be placed on the ballot in a special election.*

* State law now longer allows for a special election to be called in these circumstances. The Texas election code mandated all items for the November election ballot be submitted by Aug. 18, 2014; therefore, the next opportunity for placement of this item on a ballot would be May 2015 election.

NOTE: The Colleyville City Charter is very specific as to petition submissions and requires full compliance with the language in the Charter. The petition has been returned to the petitioners to make the revisions required by the City Charter. The city has chosen not to delay the petition verification process and has submitted the petition to Tarrant County to conduct an independent, third-party verification.

Click here to see the charter.