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Northeast Times | February 1, 2023

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Leticia Van de Putte on WFAA-TV’s Inside Texas Politics

Leticia Van de Putte on WFAA-TV’s Inside Texas Politics

Senator Leticia Van de Putte, Democratic nominee for Lieutenant Governor, was recently featured on WFAA-TV’s Inside Texas Politics. Senator Van de Putte presented her Texas First platform for a stronger Texas, and answered questions posed by WFAA-TV’s Jason Whitely and Fort Worth Star-Telegram columnist Bud Kennedy.

Senator Van de Putte on a path to victory:
“Yes. There is a clear path to victory. What I do know is that in this particular race not only do we have a vivid ground game because so many of the different groups are working all over the state for local elections and for the general turnout. We know that we’ve registered more people than have ever been registered before.”

Van de Putte on Dan Patrick’s Reckless Plan for the Senate:
“All I know is that my opponent offers a very different contrast form the leadership style that I know that I have: collaborative, inclusive, working across the aisle, and putting the business of the people of Texas first, before those fringe issues that may create headlines, but don’t create one new job.”

Van de Putte on Texas First Policy Plans:
“Well, in this campaign I have put out over eight plans in education, in veterans, in the economy, on infrastructure. My opponent has pretty much gone blank and not told the people of this state how he stands on issues. I’m very proud of that concept of the Texas promise plan.”

Watch the full interview here.