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Northeast Times | January 31, 2023

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Glade Road Project – Update from Oct. 21 City Council meeting

Glade Road Project – Update from Oct. 21 City Council meeting

The Glade Road Project will go before Colleyville voters next May. At the Oct. 21 City Council meeting, councilmembers voted unanimously to send the future of the Glade Road Project to Colleyville voters for a decision. The vote followed months of discussion and debate, and two public meetings on the project.

A petition from citizens opposed to the project was submitted to the city on Monday, Oct. 6. Staff worked with Tarrant County Elections Administration to verify the 999 signatures on the petition, in accordance with the Colleyville City Charter. Tarrant County verified the signatures and the city secretary certified the petition on Oct. 15.

Once certified, the petition was submitted to the Colleyville City Council, along with a resolution containing the proposed legislation as written in the petition. The City Charter stipulates that “such ordinance or resolution as provided in Article III of this Charter, without alteration as to meaning or effect” can be adopted by the City Council or the City Council can call for the proposed legislation to be placed on the ballot in a special election.*

The City Council, with the approval of the lead petitioners, rejected the resolution and opted to send the matter to voters on the next available election—May 9, 2015.

The language on the petition reads as follows:

WHEREAS it is necessary to protect the rural feel of the City of Colleyville and the community quality of life and in order to protect mature trees along Glade Road and the property rights of Colleyville Citizens living along Glade Road which was designed to be a residential street

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the City of Colleyville may complete the 5 foot sidewalk on the south side of Glade Road but will not add a 10 foot sidewalk or any sidewalk or trail along the north side of Glade Road.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that The City of Colleyville may add left turn lanes and round-abouts deemed necessary by polling of area residents but will not add medians to Glade Road nor widen Glade Road in any other way or fill in bar ditches along the sections of Glade Road that will result in the potential loss of mature trees and/or potential flooding of homes.

(See the petition below.)

On May 9, 2015, Colleyville voters will have the opportunity to vote YES to accept the resolution as written above or vote NO to reject the resolution and resume design and engineering work on Glade Road.

* State law now longer allows for a special election to be called in these circumstances. The Texas election code mandated all items for the November election ballot be submitted by Aug. 18, 2014; therefore, the next opportunity for placement of this item on a ballot would be May 2015 election.