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Northeast Times | February 8, 2023

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Dawson Band Students Advance in Region Auditions

Dawson Band Students Advance in Region Auditions

Throughout the past week, over 1200 middle school band students from Grapevine-Colleyville ISD, Lewisville ISD, and Carroll ISD auditioned for the Region 24 Middle School All Region Bands. Of the 400 students selected, 42 were from Dawson Middle School. Dawson had the second highest number of students make the bands out of the 21 schools in the Region.

Elizabeth File- 8th Chair Flute, Wind Ensemble
Camille Pardoe- 11th Chair Flute, Honor Band
Allison Semadeni- 4th Chair Flute, Concert Band
Sophia LeBlanc- 7th Chair Flute, Concert Band
Erin Fritz- Flute Alternate
Bill Kahn- 4th Chair Oboe, Honor Band
Andrew Kim- Oboe Alternate
Nolan Mikolasik- 2nd Chair Bassoon, Symphonic Band
Isabella Grice- 16th Chair Clarinet, Wind Ensemble
Nick Walker- 16th Chair Clarinet, Honor Band
Isabella Miller- 17th Chair Clarinet, Honor Band
Jessica Creech- 3rd Chair Clarinet, Symphonic Band
Emily Stalder- 7th Chair Clarinet, Symphonic Band
Steven Mediterraneo- 14th Chair Clarinet, Concert Band
Alexa Aponte- 4th Chair Bass Clarinet, Wind Ensemble
Viraaj Kovela- 2nd Chair Bass Clarinet, Symphonic Band
Tori Thomas- 4th Chair Bass Clarinet, Honor Band
Allen Zhou- 2nd Chair Alto Sax, Honor Band
Alvin Zhang- 4th Chair Alto Sax, Concert Band
Ethan Budvitis- 1st Chair Tenor Sax, Symphonic Band
Ethan Kim- 2nd Chair Tenor Sax, Honor Band
Sarah Andrews- 2nd Chair Bari Sax, Symphonic Band
Jenna Eads- 2nd Chair Bari Sax, Wind Ensemble
Natalie Whalen- 2nd Chair Trumpet, Wind Ensemble
Kayla Nguyen- 4th Chair Trumpet, Honor Band
Cole Ragsdale- 6th Chair Trumpet, Symphonic Band
Christopher Ciccone- 9th Trumpet, Symphonic Band
Katherine Shofran- 5th Chair Trumpet, Concert Band
Sai Mahapatra- 10th Chair Trumpet, Concert Band
Cece Sutherland- 1st Chair Horn, Wind Ensemble
Sahaj Singh- 2nd Chair Horn, Symphonic Band
Caitlyn Hanlon- 4th Chair Horn, Concert Band
Eric Meyne- 8th Chair Trombone, Wind Ensemble
Gregory Salazar- 1st Chair Trombone, Honor Band
Asher Stevens- 4th Chair Trombone, Honor Band
Peter Adams- 7th Chair Trombone, Symphonic Band
Matt Hahn- 7th Chair Trombone, Concert Band
Jack Crump- Trombone Alternate
Destin Blanchard- 3rd Chair Euphonium, Symphonic Band
Ryan Seltzer- 2nd Chair Euphonium, Concert Band
Jacob Ammermann- 3rd Chair Tuba, Wind Ensemble
Naysan Sahba- 4th Chair Percussion, Wind Ensemble
Claire Casey- 4th Chair Percussion, Honor Band
Spencer Foster- 5th Chair Percussion, Honor Band
Desi West- 8th Chair Percussion, Symphonic Band
Chaya Hemanth- Percussion Alternate