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Northeast Times | January 31, 2023

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Saginaw Fire Department Received $18,900 Grant for Two New Thermal Imaging Cameras

Saginaw Fire Department Received $18,900 Grant for Two New Thermal Imaging Cameras

The Saginaw Fire Department received and accepted an $18,900 grant for two new thermal imaging cameras from the “Firehouse Subs – Public Safety Foundation”. A joint acceptance event with the Lake Worth Fire Department was held on Thursday at the Firehouse Subs location on Western Center Blvd. Thermal imaging cameras utilize infrared technology and allow firefighters to see through smoke, darkness and heat permeable barriers. Saginaw Fire Chief Doug Spears states “thermal imagers enable firefighters to search buildings and locate victims tremendously faster and assist to locate what’s actually burning facilitating faster extinguishment in most cases. Thermal imaging cameras are also instrumental in detecting overheated wiring, appliances and equipment and locating hard to detect hot spots and smoldering fires within walls and ceilings”.

“The use of thermal imaging cameras greatly enhances the safety and survivability of our firefighters and citizens alike during a fire event. Our goal is for every firefighter than enters a burning building to have a thermal camera with them. The addition of these two cameras will get us closer to our goal and have a tremendous positive impact for our department and the community we serve” states Chief Spears.

We want to graciously thank everyone in the Firehouse Subs organization who, through the use of grants, distributes millions of dollars’ worth of equipment annually to first responder organizations throughout the country.

On hand for the event along with Saginaw Fire Chief Spears were Saginaw’s Mayor Gary Brinkley, Saginaw City Manager Nan Stanford and personnel representatives from the Saginaw and Lake Worth Fire Departments.