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Northeast Times | December 4, 2022

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BCI: Colonial Day Takes Students Back in Time

BCI: Colonial Day Takes Students Back in Time

Bear Creek Intermediate is off to a great start in 2014-15. Check this page to see the latest things going on at BCI and to keep track of upcoming events!

Colonial Day Takes Students Back to Nation’s Beginnings
Mrs. Garrett and Mrs. Hinojos’ fifth grade students found out firsthand what a day in the life of an early American kid may have looked like when they celebrated Colonial Day on October 30. Students prepared an entire meal of stew, mashed potatoes, skillet corn bread, brewed tea, and fruit cobbler. They also prepared their own snack of campfire prepared popcorn and homemade lemonade.

Parents tended the fires at Bear Creek Park and students prepared, cooked, and cleaned the entire feast. Students learned that being a kid during Colonial times was a lot of hard work. The afternoon was busy with a writing lesson with homemade berry ink with real feathers, old-fashioned games of hoop and sticks and blind-man’s bluff, fishing with bamboo poles, and session of yarn doll creations.

Kids had it rough back in the day, but our students learned that every day was filled with work, responsibility, and fun.