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Northeast Times | February 1, 2023

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CMA Celebrates 10th Anniversary: Part 3-fo-5 Series

CMA Celebrates 10th Anniversary: Part 3-fo-5 Series

This is the third in a five-part series this week celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Carroll Medical Academy.

SPECIAL REPORT: CMA Now from the Student’s Prespective
Carroll Medical Academy’s growing success is evident.

Student interest has steadily grown over the past decade and this year CMA will graduate a record 50 students from the program.

The Dragon high school students vying to enter the program typically know its difficulty. The rigorous curriculum is difficult for freshmen, but CMA Director Sherry Martin knows these students have the foundation to succeed in the program.

“For these students, they are really driven and know what they want out of life,” Martin said. “A driven kids-it’s easy for them do this.”

CMA student and Carroll senior Kamal Phelps saw the value of the program when he entered. He knows the reward will come after graduation.

“I liked the challenge it offers and it helps me to become better prepared for college,” Phelps said. “It also helps because our senior class is so competitive.”

Phelps, who also juggles swimming for the Dragons, hopes to use his experience in CMA to work someday in neurosurgery or ophthalmology. The students, who apply for CMA in the eighth grade, are exposed to multiple fields of medicine and internships help with determining their interest.

Students applying for CMA are primarily interested in careers in medicine or related fields. Phelps’ eye-opening moment in the program was watching surgery first-hand during his internship last summer. He observed a herniated disc surgery during his internship with Spine Team Texas.

“We are definitely fortunate to be here,” Phelps said.

Fellow senior Madeleine O’Brian is also among the class of 50 CMA students graduating in June. Like Phelps, O’Brian juggles a busy schedule that also includes swimming and Emerald Belles (Carroll’s drill team). Despite her daily demands, CMA has taught her valuable skills of time management, studying skills and preparing for college. O’Brian’s alarm sounds each morning at 5 a.m.

“It has taught me so much,” O’Brian said. “Everything it has to offer, I am thankful I am getting a chance to be involved.”
Students in the program create a special bond and work as a team studying and problem-solving.

“We’re like a big family,” Phelps said.

As the program has evolved, Martin has implemented community service events to serve the Southlake area. This has been another rewarding part of the program.

“I am adamant about them giving to others,” Martin said. “I want them to learn how to serve others in the community.”
O’Brian appreciates the opportunity CMA provides and joined the program because of her love for science and math and is seeking a career in dermatology.

With CMA, she is on the perfect track like the other 49 seniors.

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