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Northeast Times | February 8, 2023

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CMA Celebrates 10th Anniversary: Part 4-of-5 Series

CMA Celebrates 10th Anniversary: Part 4-of-5 Series

This is the fourth in a five-part series this week celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Carroll Medical Academy.

SPECIAL REPORT: Building Medical Futures: CMA Success Stories
Nick Holder knew early in high school he wanted to seek a medical profession. Carroll Medical Academy helped get him there.

Holder, a 2008 Carroll and CMA graduate, is a current student at UT-Southwestern aiming for his doctorate in clinical psychology. After he earns his PhD, he wants to work with those suffering from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder.

Holder was one of the first dozen CMA graduates, many of which are now studying in medical fields. The program was directed in the first year by Alan Cotten.

“At that time I thought it (CMA) would give me a good idea of what to expect,” Holder said. “It helped give me a good perspective of what I really wanted to do.”

Holder earned a degree from Trinity University in San Antonio in Neuroscience. Before beginning his doctoral studies at UT-Southwestern, Holder worked at Fort Hood in Killeen in 2012 through last May. He worked with a group that treated soldiers dealing with PTSD and helped more than 400.

Holder has been through many experiences and CMA helped him prepare in many ways. He learned under Cotten and current director Sherry Martin.

“I think she was a great leader and took Mr. Cotten’s vision and really made it work,” Holder said. “She was very much a get-it-done teacher.”

The first class includes several students studying medicine. Ashwin Venkataraman is at UT-Southwestern and Sarah Pass is currently studying genetic counseling at Emory University and Emory University Hospital, which treated the first two Americans that contracted Ebola.
Several other CMA gradautes are also in medical school and the first class also produced a successful former Dragon outside medicine. Daniel James Paine is an accountant in assurance services at Ernst & Young.

One element of the program that greatly benefited Holder was his internship. He gained valuable experience seeing how the professional environment works.

“It was about learning how to work with people,” Holder said. “It teaches you how to communicate with professionals and how to act and dress and see what the expectations are. That was huge gaining that experience.”

Holder recently saw a vehicle in Dallas with a recognizable decal on the window. It was the original CMA logo the first class created in 2004.

“It’s really great to know the things we put together are still going forward,” Holder said.

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