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Northeast Times | February 9, 2023

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Congratulations to Kathy Corley, Office Coordinator for the NRH Fire Department, for being named the city’s R-SPIRIT Employee of the Year, and also to Police Officer Kevin Croft and Street Superintendent Boe Blankenship, both finalists for the award.

The R-SPIRIT Award is presented annually to an employee who best represents the city’s core values of Respect, Service, Productivity, Integrity, Responsibility, Innovation and Teamwork. Nominations are received from fellow employees and the winner and finalists are chosen by an employee committee.

The city also presented service awards to 58 employees, including:

30 Years of Service
Wayne Jarvis, Public Works
William Presley,Public Works

25 Years of Service
Douglas Dunn, Public Works
Glynn Miller, Public Works
Randy Vastine, Public Works

20 Years of Service
Timothy Hennessy, Police
Christopher Jungst, Fire
Pamela Knapp, Finance
Lorene Mathis, Parks and Recreation
Darla Paschall, City Secretary’s Office
Mary Sullivan, Fire
Scott Suter, Police
Jason Ticknor, Fire
Shawn Williams, Fire
Debbie York, Neighborhood Services

15 Years of Service
Angel Bellard, Finance
Karen Bostic, City Manager’s Office
Ernie Carter, Fire
Darla Hearne, Police
Chad Johnston, Fire
Vickie Loftice, Parks and Recreation
Michael McGuire, Police
Dena Milner, Neighborhood Services
Adrien Pekurney, Parks and Recreation
Abel Perez, Fleet Services
Robert Wyatt, Police
Gideon Yeh, Police

10 Years of Service
Jeff Arnold , Fleet Services
Joyce Fister, Neighborhood Services
Chris Morgan, Police
Diane Morgan, Library
Javier Mosqueda, Facilities and Construction
Clayton Newell, Finance
Kevin Palmer, Police
Connie Parton, Library
Scott Pearce, Parks and Recreation
Mary Peters, Communications
Theresa Sibley, Police
Gary Taylor, Planning and Development
Chris Turner, Public Works
Lucio Valdez, Public Works
Bob Weakley, Information Services
Clayton Weathers, Fire

5 Years of Service
Kelli Allen, Parks and Recreation
Nick Burns, Information Services
Kendra Cox, Police
Kevin Croft, Police
Rachelle Edwards, Public Works
Jennie Garcia, Police
Mark Hindman, City Manager’s Office
Peter Martinez, Parks and Recreation
Matthew Melton, Public Works
Peggy Patton, Facilities and Construction
Karen Raborn, Library
Justin Smith, Police
Steven Smith, Facilities and Construction
Tiffany St. John, Police
Casey Zamora, Police