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Northeast Times | January 28, 2023

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Glade Road on May Election Ballot

Glade Road on May Election Ballot

Now a busy east-west corridor in Colleyville, Glade Road has been around since the early 1900s, when its traffic consisted of horses and buggies, and farm wagons. Today, it carries traffic volumes that could not have been foreseen even 20 years ago. With a daily average traffic count of up to 17,000 vehicles, traffic on Glade Road has been fundamentally changed by the growth of Colleyville and the surrounding area.

In 2012, the Colleyville City Council began exploring options to address Glade Road’s intersections and its condition, as well as safety and capacity. After public forums, and meetings and discussions on the project, the next decision about Glade Road will be made by the voters.

Preliminary Design
The preliminary design phase called for a two-lane road with different turning options, including a continuous turn lane in commercial areas and dedicated left-turn lanes in residential sections. Plans also called for completing connections to the existing 5′ sidewalk on the south side of the street, constructing a 10′ trail on the north side, and adding engineered drainage to eliminate bar ditches.

Also included in the preliminary plans were two roundabouts–one at the intersection with Bransford Road and the other at Riverwalk Drive. In addition, plans called for lowering the intersection at Bluebonnet Drive to improve the sight line at that street and eliminate the need for a stop sign at that location, and realigning Bedford Road to improve the line of sight at that intersection.

On Oct. 6, a group of citizens submitted a petition containing a resolution that would limit work on the project. On Oct. 21, the City Council voted unanimously to send the petition’s resolution and the future of the Glade Road Project to the voters for a decision. The citizens’ resolution, as stated in the petition, will be on the May ballot. At that time, Colleyville voters will have the opportunity to vote for the resolution or against it.

This is the resolution that will be on the May ballot:

WHEREAS it is necessary to protect the rural feel of the City of Colleyville and the community quality of life and in order to protect mature trees along Glade Road and the property rights of Colleyville Citizens living along Glade Road which was designed to be a residential street

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the City of Colleyville may complete the 5 foot sidewalk on the south side of Glade Road but will not add a 10 foot sidewalk or any sidewalk or trail along the north side of Glade Road.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that The City of Colleyville may add left turn lanes and round-abouts deemed necessary by polling of area residents but will not add medians to Glade Road nor widen Glade Road in any other way or fill in bar ditches along the sections of Glade Road that will result in the potential loss of mature trees and/or potential flooding of homes.

For some, Glade Road is a major thoroughfare. For others, it is foremost a neighborhood street. How the condition of Glade Road can be addressed will
depend on Colleyville voters.

Early voting runs April 27-May 5. Colleyville City Hall is an early voting location. Election Day is Saturday, May 9. Colleyville’s Election Day voting location is Bransford Elementary, located at 601 Glade Road. Information about the preliminary design of the project is available at