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Northeast Times | January 28, 2023

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Kevin Archer Named Grace Volunteer of the Year

Kevin Archer Named Grace Volunteer of the Year

This afternoon marked GRACE’s Annual Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon, a treasured time to honor volunteers who have poured thousands of collective hours of labor and expertise to serve families in need.

The 2015 GRACE Volunteer of the Year Award went to Kevin Archer, whose heavily involvement has impacted GRACE for over a decade.

Kevin has been a longtime supporter of GRACE, and has served on the GRACE Gala Committee on numerous occasions. Archer and his business partner Max Schwartzstein played an integral role in the purchase of the building adjacent to the Food Pantry and Community Clinic building, and has provided expertise on increasing GRACE’s accessibility to a larger population.

As the brokers for GRACE, Archer and Max essentially donated their commission profits back to the cause, allowing GRACE to focus on building improvements and fund client services.

“It’s our pleasure to serve GRACE, because we love how [GRACE] changes the lives of women who didn’t know where else to turn or children at risk for hunger, and families who need to be strong again,” says Archer.

As an agency that takes great pride in utilizing the resources of its community, it is nothing short of motivating to see men and women employing their vocational talents and expertise to serve those less fortunate in our community.

“It’s amazing how God works with people in the community to plant seeds. Those seeds have the power to multiply and help others pay it forward. GRACE does that by instilling a high level of confidence back into families, making them stronger. That’s my favorite part of GRACE.”

We are privileged to have such a distinguished member of the community with more than 20 years of commercial real estate experience speaking on our behalf, but we are also grateful for Archer’s willingness to volunteer firsthand at our sites, and take a genuine interest in the families we serve.

“Kevin is one of the most selfless, socially conscious people I know. As long as I’ve known him, he’s donated his time and expertise to help non-profits in any way he can,” says Carita Weaver, Vice-President of Facilities and Technology at GRACE, “through his expertise in real estate, GRACE will be able to eventually consolidate its services and better serve those in need in our community.”