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Northeast Times | December 8, 2021

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KISD: BCI Student Competes On Food Network’s Chopped Junior

KISD: BCI Student Competes On Food Network’s Chopped Junior

Bear Creek Intermediate 6th grader Drew Shavor competed as a contestant on the October 17 episode of Food Network’s Chopped Junior.

Drew Shavor on Chopped Junior Shavor has always loved helping his mom in the kitchen and started watching the show when he was six years old. After months of begging his mom to fill out an application to be a contestant, she decided to check it out, figuring they get hundreds of applications and it likely would not lead to anything. Months passed and they didn’t hear anything, but Shavor was determined, did some research online, and asked her to re-submit the application. Three days later they got a call from an assistant casting agent that works for Chopped Junior, and after about a 30-minute phone call, they requested a Skype interview with Shavor.

A few days later, the Skype interview included so many questions about all sorts of things. They had him read them a story, they had him repeat lines from a script, they had him make faces of different emotions, they had him tell a joke, and the list goes on. Once again, Shavor made it to the next round – this time requesting that he prepare a dish that he enjoys and present it during the Skype call. Shavor’s dish was a watermelon pizza – slices of watermelon with calamata olives, feta cheese, fresh mint, and a drizzle of balsamic syrup.

Two weeks later, another call came through – this time for Shavor’s mom. The contestants are only allowed to bring one parent/guardian with them to the filming and the show prequalifies that person to make sure they are willing to do what it takes for the remaining steps, including going to New York on a moment’s notice if your child makes it.

Over the next several weeks, there were three or four more interviews, and the whole process had gone on about six months. Just after Thanksgiving, they got a call that Shavor was selected for a show and they would fly out later that week.

Drew Shavor on Chopped Junior It took about 12 hours to film the episode and parents were sequestered in a conference room in a different area of the building. Shavor’s mom said it was a very unnerving process, but they take the confidentiality aspect of the show very seriously and want to make sure there is no way information from the show can be leaked to the general public.

On October 17, Shavor’s episode finally aired and while it did result in him getting “chopped,” he says this whole experience made memories that will last a lifetime. It was truly a dream come true and something he will never forget. His cast mates became friends through the process and even Skype each other once a month to stay in touch.

Congratulations to Drew Shavor for chasing a dream and making Keller ISD proud!