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Northeast Times | January 18, 2022

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Colleyville: Public Works projects on the horizon

Colleyville: Public Works projects on the horizon

The city looks to begin construction projects to maintain and improve the city’s infrastructure. Public Works Director Cheryl Taylor gave an update to the City Council during the May 1 worksession.

This May, the city is continuing a partnership with Tarrant County to conduct several road maintenance programs across Colleyville.

Tarrant County will conduct maintenance on Bluebonnet Road, Montclair Drive, Wayne Drive, and Pleasant Run Road north of John McCain Road. Residents in the work areas will receive letters of the upcoming work and message boards will be at the work sites.

“This is a good example of efficient use of government resources,” Mayor Richard Newton said. “The county workers do a great job and we appreciate the county assisting us and saving Colleyville taxpayers’ dollars.”

In this partnership the city pays for the project materials while the county manages the project and pays for the labor. This saves the city 40-percent of project costs and allows four streets to be repaired as opposed to one or two for the same amount of funding.

Upcoming Public Works projects include work at Manning Drive and Frontier Court.

Manning Drive – This project will replace the 2,200 linear feet 6″ wastewater line with an 8″ line while improving the roadway. Crews will also improve Stafford, Oak Knoll, and Bowmen drives.

Frontier Court – This project includes improving the local drainage and rehabilitating the roadway.

These larger projects are in addition to the work outlined in the Local Street Maintenance Program. The program for 2018 includes mill and overlay, asphalt overlay, micro-resurfacing, and base repair projects throughout the city. Some of the roads in the 2018 plan are John McCain Road, L.D. Lockett Road, Oak Timber Court, and Thompson Terrace.