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Northeast Times | August 17, 2022

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Colleyville: Street Maintenance Program in Action

Colleyville: Street Maintenance Program in Action

The task of managing pavement is a science and an art and has to be done systematically and objectively. Colleyville has developed a five-year street resurfacing program to schedule maintenance activities on our streets.

The City takes a proactive and preventative approach to street maintenance to maximize the life of our streets. To determine project priority, staff considers the road’s Pavement Condition Index (PCI) rating along with: street classification, constructability, utility condition, traffic volume and safety, neighborhood grouping for efficiency, locations of other street projects to maximize economic efficiency, and funding availability.

The PCI is a numerical index between 0 and 100, and is used to indicate the general condition of the pavement. A lower PCI rating indicates a poorer condition of the street and a worse ride quality. Our desired goal is to ensure all street segments have a PCI value above 55. Currently, about 8% of the streets have a PCI value of 55 or below.

Work will start mid-September on John McCain Road followed by work on L.D. Lockett. Businesses and residents affected by construction are mailed notifications at least two weeks before the road project starts. Staff also notify residents of road work through message boards, text notifications, e-news, and the City’s website.

Maintaining our infrastructure and addressing issues before they happen is a top priority of the City. You can view the City’s Local Street Maintenance Program.