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Northeast Times | June 29, 2022

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Fernando’s Tree Service: A Success Story

Fernando’s Tree Service: A Success Story

Like most people Fernando loves trees and has spent over 12 years of his life learning how to maintain them and when needed or desired take them down. He shares with us that it was his dream to start his own business that started over 12 years ago. The dream came true in early 2015 after working for another tree service for ten years.

Fernando’s Tree serve is a family business that includes his wife and brother in-law. They along with a team of 12 dedicated employees make up the company’s work force. Asked about some of the company’s milestones he said that owning his own equipment rather than leasing it was one of them. It allowed him to lower the cost of larger jobs that he can pass to the clients.

The scope of the business is everything tree related. Asked to describe his services “we manage. Maintain, adjust, remove, nurture, and promote the growth of nature’s most valuable assets…your trees! Our goal is make sure your trees are healthy, vibrant, and beautiful. We know that they are an important part of the architectural design of your home or business”. “Trees enhance the home owner’s assets and the long term experience of your guests and themselves”. “Well care for trees and they compound value for the owner long term.”

Fernando says that his success is a direct result of two primary factors one is the hard work of his employees and himself. Two is that he listens to his clients closely throughout the service process. He starts every project by first consulting with the client to best understand what they want “we take our time to diagnose any problem or issue before determining the best course of action”. “ That is what we do for our residential and commercial-institutional customers everyday”.
The long term goal of the company is to one day become a large company…asked why would he like to be a big business, Fernando says that employing more people and giving back to the community is his motivation.
Fernando’s Tree offers a wide variety of services to keep your trees vibrant and healthy. They are bonded and insured. The company maintains industry-specific and Better Business Bureau accreditation and his team members are certified, degreed and licensed as well. You can contact them at (469) 245-3665 or on Fernandos Tree Service