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Northeast Times | June 26, 2022

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CISD: Dragon Swim/Dive Clinches 2019 5-6A District Championship

CISD: Dragon Swim/Dive Clinches 2019 5-6A District Championship

The Dragon Swim and Dive teams were in action late last week at the CISD Aquatics Center in the 5-6A District Meet. Both the Boys and Girls Swim teams took first place overall. Carroll Girl’s Diving swept the podium and the Boy’s took first and second place. The Dragons will be represented very well at the Region 2-6A Championships in two weeks in Lewisville.

The results of the 5-6A District Meet were:

Team Scores:
1. Southlake Carroll 214.5
2. Flower Mound 161
3. Lewisville Marcus 58.5
4. Coppell 38
5. Lewisville Hebron 36
6. LD Bell 25
7. Lewisville 14
8. Trinity 8

1. Southlake Carroll 233
2. Flower Mound 119
3. Lewisville Marcus 58
4. Coppell 54
5. Lewisville Hebron 52
6. Trinity 18
7. LD Bell 10
8. Lewisville 8

District Boy Swimmer of the Meet: Kevin Repice –  Carroll
District Girl Swimmer of the Meet: Kit Kat Zenick – Carroll
District Boy Diver of the Meet: Jackson Miller – Carroll
District Girl Diver of the Meet: Hailey Hernandez – Carroll
Diving Coach of the Meet: Carolyn Hryorchuk – Carroll

Southlake Diving Results
1st Hailey Hernandez 521.75
2nd Bridget O’Neil 491.90
3rd Allison Ward 452.60
7th Summer Westover 397.40

1st Jackson Miller 482.05
2nd Phillip Kleiman 400.05
5th Reid Klein 309.25

Dragon Swim Teams won all six relays
Girl’s 200 med relay 1:44.49 – Natalie Whalen, Corbyn Cormack, Kit Kat Zenick, Tina Karl
New HS Pool Record, All-American Automatic
Girl’s 200 free relay 1:37.12 – Riley Francis, Corbyn Cormack, Ashley Zettle and Katherine Deneault
New HS Pool Record, All-American Consideration
Girl’s 400 free relay 3:27.80 – Kit Kat Zenick, Riley Francis, Natalie Whalen and Ashley Zettle
New HS Pool Record, All-American Consideration (.01 over All-Amer Automatic)
Boy’s 200 med relay 1:36.38 – Kevin Repice, Jaykob Williams, Ryan Perham and Matt Hahn
Boy’s 200 free relay 1:27.48 – Landon Armstrong, Ryan Perham, Matt Hahn and Mason Kelber
Boy’s 400 free relay 3:11.80 – Landon Armstrong, Kevin Repice, Jaykob Williams and Chris Lindley

Carroll Dragon Swimmers qualifying for Region 2-6A Championships in two weeks by finishing in the Top 6 at Districts:

200 Free

Riley Francis 1st 1:52.24
Ashley Zettle 2nd 1:54.48
Isabella Woods 5th 1:56.76
Ashley Woods 6th 1:58.56

200 IM

Natalie Whalen 1st 2:03.11 All-Amer Consideration, Pool Record
Corbyn Cormack 3rd 2:04.86
Sydney Balint 5th 2:10.37

50 Free

Kit Kat Zenick 1st 23.02 All-Amer Automatic, School Record, Pool Record
Tina Karl 3rd 24.63 PR
Katherine Deneault 6th 25.31

100 Fly

Kit Kat Zenick 1st 54.04 All-Amer Automatic, Pool Record
Sydney Balint 3rd 58.76
Tina Karl 4th 59.49 PR
Morgan Chocholek 6th 1:00.01

100 Free

Riley Francis 1st 50.37 All-Amer Consideration
Lana Jeter 6th 55.09

500 Free

Natalie Whalen 1st 4:57.06 All-Amer Consideration
Ashley Zettle 2nd 5:04.60
Ashley Woods 5th 5:12.16
Isabella Woods 6th 5:13.83

100 Breaststroke

Corbyn Cormack 2nd 1:04.21
Sarah Chappell 5th 1:08.59 PR


200 Free

Chris Lindley 2nd 1:43.97
Jaykob Williams 3rd 1:45.15
Jackson Pogue 5th 1:46.60

200 IM

Kevin Repice 1st 1:53.68
Mason Kelber 2nd 1:56.19
50 free

Ryan Perham 1st 21.42 PR
Landon Armstrong 2nd 21.51
Matt Hahn 4th 21.99 PR
Michael Kietzman 5th 22.01 PR

100 Fly

Kevin Repice 1st 50.18
Ryan Perham 2nd 51.08 PR
Christian Balint 3rd tie 52.77 PR
Jackson Pogue 3rd tie 52.77 PR

100 Free

Landon Armstrong 1st 47.32
Matt Hahn 3rd 48.04
Michael Kietzman 6th 49.33

500 Free

Chris Lindley 1st 4:36.04
Mason Kelber 2nd 4:38.32
Jaykob Williams 3rd 4:39.57
Bennett Bibza 5th 4:46.99 PR

100 Backstroke

Christian Balint 3rd 55.19
Luke Wenger 5th 57.84 PR

100 Breaststroke

Andrew Fu 2nd 1:01.09 PR
Andrew Zettle 5th 1:03.02 PR

Other Dragon District Swimmers finishing in the Top 10 included:
Lillian Duma, Cam Walter, Kacey Ross, Isabella Miller, Nicholas Swafford, Olivia Jones, Sydney Jones, Emily Hatcher, Jack Fergus, Mark Li, Gabby Tadlock, and Mark Dutch.