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Northeast Times | June 26, 2022

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KISD Qualifies 69 Swimmers, Divers For Regionals

KISD Qualifies 69 Swimmers, Divers For Regionals

Keller High School’s swimming and diving team won both the boy’s and girl’s District 3-6A Championships on January 19 and will send 32 athletes to Regionals, as Keller ISD as a whole will have 69 swimmers and divers advance representing its high schools at the February 1-2 Region 1-6A Championship Meet in Lubbock.

KISD schools won 16 of the 24 events at the 3-6A Championship, with KHS athletes or relays winning 12 events. Keller High won four of the six relay events, two of which featured senior Maddie Williams who also won two individual championships in the 200-yard Individual Medley and the 100 Butterfly. On the boys side, Keller High junior Sam Lucas also collected two individual titles – in the 200 IM and the 100 Backstroke – while also a member of the winning 200 Medley Relay and the 400 Freestyle Relay.

Other KHS first-place finishes included senior Tyler Johns winning the boys 100 Butterfly and junior Skye Pineda winning the girls 100 Back. KHS also swept the diving competitions with Maysi Richards winning on the girls side and Graham Abernathy winning the boys competition.

Timber Creek finished in third place overall, coming in third in the girls rankings and fifth in the boys competition. Leading the way for the Falcons was Chloe Burgar who took first in the girls 100 Breaststroke, and Karson Gopffarth who won the boys 50 Free. Overall, 18 Timber Creek athletes qualified for Regionals.

Central finished right behind TCHS in the overall standings, with a third-place finish in the boys standings, and a fourth-place finish in the girls competition. Senior Donald Scott led the way for the Chargers with first-place finishes in both the 200 Free and the 100 Breaststroke. Central will send 17 swimmers and divers to the Regional Championships.

Two Fossil Ridge two swimmers also qualified for Regionals in three different events.

Below are this year’s Regional Qualifiers, and they’re finishes at the District 3-6A Meet:

Girls 200 Medley Relay
KHS: Skye Pineda, Parisa Beladi, Gretchen Mabry, Margaret Mabry (1st, 1:51.65)
TCHS: Anna Lea Hankins, Chloe Burgar, Molly Donaldson, Mia Cicerelli (3rd, 1:55.04)
CHS: Helena Chryst, Julianna Wardlaw, Meghan Miller, Allison Haddock (4th, 2:04.31)

Boys 200 Medley Relay
KHS: Sam Lucas, Noah Beladi, Fabrizio D’Orsi, Dylan Tran (1st, 1:40.11)
CHS: Anthony Pham, Donald Scott, Nicholas Pham, Michael Onsase (2nd, 1:43.42)
TCHS: Sam Worden, Pierce Phrasavath, Nicolas Eriksen, Trey Starr (6th, 1:49.06)

Girls 200 Free
Maci Finder, TCHS (3rd, 2:00.92)
Bailey Chryst, CHS (4th, 2:01.25)
Alyssa Huffman, KHS (5th, 2:06.21)
Michaela Graydon, KHS (6th, 2:06.68)

Boys 200 Free
Donald Scott, CHS (1st, 1:41.97)
Tyler Johns, KHS (3rd, 1:47.16)
Michael Merryman, KHS (4th, 1:49.20)
Drew Stanislaus, KHS (5th, 1:51.11)

Girls 200 IM
Maddie Williams, KHS (1st, 2:12.42)
Sammi Thiele, KHS (2nd, 2:12.44)
Keely Ohlhauser, KHS (3rd, 2:15.49)
Molly Donaldson, TCHS (5th, 2:21.81)

Boys 200 IM
Sam Lucas, KHS (1st, 1:57.62)
Noah Beladi, KHS (2nd, 2:01.00)
Wyatt Blair, FRHS (3rd, 2:03.95)
Nicholas Pham, CHS (5th, 2:08.03)
Lucas Wade, KHS (6th, 2:08.44)

Girls 50 Free
Kalie Landrum, KHS (2nd, 24.59)
Mia Cicerelli, TCHS (4th, 24.77)
Megan Hollaar, KHS (5th, 24.83)
Margaret Mabry, KHS (6th, 25.61)

Boys 50 Free
Karson Gopffarth, TCHS (1st, 22.81)
Fabrizio D’Orsi, KHS (T2nd, 23.15)
Alex Ware, KHS (4th, 23.19)
Landen Wright, KHS (5th, 23.47)

Girls 1-Meter Dive
Maysi Richards, KHS (1st, 456.50)
Kinzie Etzelmiller, KHS (2nd, 431.65)
Rachel Dickerson, FRHS (3rd, 425.90)
Gina Hinthom, CHS (4th, 403.45)
Audrey Hafele, KHS (5th, 373.90)
Courtney Stanbury, KHS (6th, 356.50)

Boys 1-Meter Dive
Graham Abernathy, KHS (1st, 360.85)
Dylan Silverman, KHS (3rd, 246.80)
Nolan Kwasny, KHS (4th, 242.50)
Karson Gopffarth, TCHS (5th, 207.30)

Girls 100 Fly
Maddie Williams, KHS (1st, 1:00.14)
Emma Hayes, KHS (2nd, 1:01.05)
Chloe Burgar, TCHS (3rd, 1:01.58)
Gretchen Mabry, KHS (5th, 1:03.08)

Boys 100 Fly
Tyler Johns, KHS (1st, 51.52)
Wyatt Blair, FRHS (2nd, 52.19)
Dylan Tran, KHS (3rd, 52.25)
Fabrizio D’Orsi, KHS (4th, 54.80)
Jonathan Hsu, KHS (6th, 55.49)

Girls 100 Free
Kalie Landrum, KHS (2nd, 53.90)
Mia Cicerelli, TCHS (3rd, 54.67)
Skye Pineda, KHS (4th, 54.72)
Jessica Hanson, KHS (6th, 56.78)

Boys 100 Free
Michael Merryman, KHS (2nd, 48.86)
Jay Jani, KHS (T4th, 51.27)
Landen Wright, KHS (6th, 51.36)

Girls 500 Free
Maci Finder, TCHS (2nd, 5:24.81)
Megan Hollaar, KHS (3rd, 5:27.78)
Anna Lea Hankins, TCHS (4th, 5:31.74)

Boys 500 Free
Drew Stanislaus, KHS (2nd 5:01.44)
Anthony Pham, CHS (6th, 5:18.26)

Girls 200 Free Relay
KHS: Maddie Williams, Kalie Landrum, Keely Ohlhauser, Sammi Thiele (2nd, 1:42.94)
TCHS: Olivia Caban, Carolyn Kosek, Montserrat Luna, Mia Cicerelli (3rd, 1:45.48)
CHS: Bailey Chryst, Alyssa Sullins, Helena Chryst, Allison Haddock (5th, 26.58)

Boys 200 Free Relay
KHS: Tyler Johns, Noah Beladi, Jay Jani, Michael Merryman (1st, 1:30,60)
TCHS: Nathan Hicks, Reginald Pitchford, Pierce Phrasavath, Nicholas Eriksen (4th, 1:36.86)
CHS: Alejandro Graves Villasenor, Michael Onsase, Max Tiemann, Jay Wardlaw (6th, 1:40.78)

Girls 100 Back
Skye Pineda, KHS (1st, 58.90)
Margaret Mabry, KHS (2nd, 59.92)
Emma Hayes, KHS (3rd, 1:00.20)
Jessica Hanson, KHS (5th, 1:03.65)
Anna Lea Hankins, TCHS (6th, 1:04.19)

Boys 100 Back
Sam Lucas, KHS (1st, 53.14)
Dylan Tran, KHS (2nd 55.53)
Lucas Wade, KHS (3rd, 58.82)
Anthony Pham, CHS (4th, 59.19)
Jonathan Hsu, KHS (5th, 59.66)
Sam Worden, TCHS (6th, 1:00.40)

Girls 100 Breaststroke
Chloe Burgar, TCHS (1st, 1:09.40)
Parisa Beladi, KHS (2nd, 1:09.61)
Sammi Thiele, KHS (3rd, 1:09.95)
Keely Ohlhauser, KHS (4th, 1:10.57)
Alyssa Huffman, KHS (5th, 1:13.49)
Ella Themig, TCHS (6th, 1:14.02)

Boys 100 Breaststroke
Donald Scott, CHS (1st, 57.76)
Noah Beladi, KHS (2nd, 1:00.20)
Jay Jani, KHS (5th, 1:03.43)
Nicolas Eriksen, TCHS (6th, 1:03.65)

Girls 400 Free Relay
KHS: Maddie Williams, Kalie Landrum, Skye Pineda, Margaret Mabry (2nd, 3:43.98)
TCHS: Olivia Caban, Christine Park, Molly Donaldson, Maci Finder (3rd, 3:56.45)
CHS: Bailey Chryst, Julianna Wardlaw, Meghan Miller, Allison Haddock (5th, 4:03.86)

Boys 400 Free Relay
KHS: Michael Merryman, Tyler Johns, Sam Lucas, Dylan Tran (1st, 3:17.71)
CHS: Donald Scott, Alejandro Graves Villasenor, Nicholas Pham, Anthony Pham (3rd, 3:30.27)
TCHS: Trey Starr, Sam Worden, Nathan Hicks, Jared Lund (5th, 3:48.68)

Good luck to all of these talented athletes at the Region 1-6A Championship Meet in Lubbock.