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Northeast Times | June 28, 2022

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Carroll ISD Launches Work of District Diversity Council

Carroll ISD Launches Work of District Diversity Council

Carroll Independent School District officially kicked off the work of its District Diversity Council Wednesday night in an effort to ensure cultural competency among students and staff.

School officials said the district recently appointed 63 parents, students and staff members to serve on a District Diversity Council (DDC) with another 120 individuals invited to participate on individual Campus Diversity Councils (CDC). The DDC is a culturally-informed advisory committee that is representative of the students, staff and parents in Carroll ISD when it comes to race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation or disability.

The district received more than 180 applications from individuals interested in enacting positive change as part of the district’s Cultural Competence Action Plan. Formation of the group is part of the Strategic Plan, but was accelerated after a video of teens chanting racial slurs was posted to social media last fall. The advisory councils are just one part of a multi-faceted response by school leaders who have been meeting face-to-face with students and inviting parent/staff input on the topics of cultural competence and diversity.

“We are overwhelmed by the response from those wanting to be a part of the effort to find ways to embrace diversity and celebrate all the unique and wonderful ways our Dragons are different,” said Acting Superintendent Janet McDade. “We are looking forward to the work of this group as well as the many individuals who will serve at the campus level providing input and guidance to our district leaders.”

McDade and Tyisha Nelson, Executive Director of Special Programs, will lead the work of the DDC until a time in which two citizen co-chairs will be selected. The first orientation meeting of the DDC was held Wednesday where the participants reviewed student demographic trends, identified achievement gaps and began defining cultural competence for all Dragons.  The group participated in a number of activities to create greater diversity awareness, and has plans to establish subcommittees that will work on various aspects of the Cultural Competence Action Plan.

The DDC’s second meeting will concentrate on the Student Code of Conduct and proposed wording to strengthen consequences for student behavior categorized as hate speech, racism or targeting a particular person or group of persons for their ethnicity, race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. Members will hear a presentation by the school attorney on state law and limitations as they pertain to the Student Code of Conduct.

In December, Trustees approved the Council framework, ensuring that more than half of the DDC would be appointed by campus principals and represent families in each of the district’s 11 attendance zones. In addition, each School Board member appointed someone to serve on the Committee, with additional at-large appointments by the Superintendent’s Cabinet.

The DDC’s charge will be to:

  • Promote the goal of cultural competence within CISD.
  • Facilitate communication and understanding among different constituencies, and serve as a community resource.
  • Advocate for and support culturally competent and responsive programs and policies.
  • Engage students, staff, and faculty to collect feedback on cultural competence in CISD.
  • Propose strategies for reaching cultural competence.

The DDC includes 12 students, 17 staff members and 31 parents/taxpayers. The following individuals were appointed:


Yixuan Jing (10th CHS)
Leah Ellen Kann (11th CSHS)
Adam Lopez (10th CHS)
Akshaya Meka (7th CMS)
Avery Mitchell (10th CHS)
Meredith Murphy (9th CHS)
Nickechi Olaleye (10th CHS)
Sahaj Singh (12th CSHS)
Campbell Smith (8th DMS)
Jillian Sowell (11th CSHS)
Camila Vivanco Reynaud (7th CMS)


Noreen Abramovitz (CMS)
Victor Avila (CMS)
Jag Bandla (WGES)
Ron Bass (DMS)
Monica Bush
Annette Charles (OUES)
Bill Chinn (DMS)
Anne Chow
Pam Francis
Kristin Gilpin
Floyd Joseph
Angela Jones (CSHS)
Toy Joyner (RES)
Rebecca Langston
Jeff Levant (CSHS)
Salima Madhani
Russell Maryland
Ray Mickens
Sheeza Mohsin
Mary Morgan (EIS)
Monique Oliveaux (CHS)
Riana Poullard (JES)
Michael Quinones (CES)
Eric Ransom
Howard Rosenthal
Anis Sabeti
Paulina Purnama-Sehgal
Ronell Smith (DIS)
Ruth Villalonga
Bill Wilson (CHS)
Sadia Zaman


Janet McDade (Admin)
Tyisha Nelson (Admin)
Jay Armstrong (Athletic Dept)
Rebekah Beard (CMS)
Joey Calvillo (Admin)
Paul Doucet (Choir, CSHS)
Monica Gattshall (ESL Specialist, CES)
Jennifer G’William (Technology, EIS)
Eli Hawzipta (Math, CHS)
Tercel Herreman (Kindergarten, OUES)
Kristen Ewers (4th Grade, RES)
Eric Horn (Visual Arts, CSHS)
Tim Johnston (Social Studies, CSHS)
Jacob Lilly (Social Studies, DMS)
Lisa Moan (2nd Grade, WGES)
Joan Myers (ESL, JES)
Komal Panjabi (5th Grade Math, DIS)


Sheri Mills
Michelle Moore

City Representative

Chris Archer

To view a video on this newly formed committee, click here.