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Northeast Times | September 27, 2022

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Congratulations to Nick Burns of the Information Technology Department on being named our R-SPIRIT Employee of the Year. Congratulations also to finalists Denise Robbins of the Police Department and Tanner Arwine of the Parks & Recreation Department.

The R-SPIRIT award is presented annually to an employee who exemplifies the city’s core values of Respect, Service, Productivity, Integrity, Responsibility, Innovation and Teamwork. Nominations are submitted by city employees and the finalists and winner selected by a committee of their peers.

Nick has worked for the city for 9 years as the IT Communications Analyst. He was recognized for his teamwork in assisting the Police Department with the installation and configuration of vehicle and body cameras. His nomination stated: “Nick took it upon himself to guarantee the success of this project.  What drove Nick to achieve this success?  TEAMWORK!  He knew the responsibility the I.T. Department held for this project, and he simply was not going to give up.” The nominator also stated: “Nick treats everyone with respect, he values any type of input from others (good or bad)… Nick is always positive, and will always take the time to assist others.  The city is lucky to have an employee like Nick Burns.”

The award was presented during an employee reception on February 12, 2019. The City Manager’s Office and City Council also recognized the following employees who have reached their 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 year anniversaries with the city.

5 Years of Service
Jose Becerra, Police

John Bitner, Public Works

Brent Blevins, Fire

Lester Champion, Public Works

Gavin Colby, Police

Aaron Dixson, Police

Jesse Francis, Fleet

Bennie Frazier, Public Works

Nora Garcia, Neighborhood Services

Cindy Garvin, Planning & Inspections

Kelly Hardin, Police

Chad Hathorn, Police

Susan Honea, Public Works

Carissa Katekaru, Police

Heather Lowe, Police

Daniel Munter, Parks & Recreation

Billy Owens, Fire

Michael Pastre, Planning & Inspections

Olga Perez, Finance

Katherine Ratcliff, Information Services

Richard Rhoades, Parks & Recreation

Rachel Smith, Municipal Court

Thomas Spencer, Fire

Sarah Swanston, Parks & Recreation

10 Years of Service
Timothy Garza, Fleet

Mark Hill, Finance

Craig Hulse, Economic Development

Maria Lindsey, Public Works

Mark Mills, Finance

Lauren O’Brien, Police

Bobby Reeves, Jr, Parks & Recreation

Matthew Rohmer, Parks & Recreation

Charles Sanchez, Fire

Matthew Soltis, Police

15 Years of Service
Audrey Cappallo, Neighborhood Services

Charles Ford, Police

Joshua Oler, Public Works

Kyle Spooner, Information Services

Caroline Waggoner, Public Works

Felisiano Yanes, Public Works

20 Years of Service
Boe Blankenship, Public Works

Thomas Bulger, Police

Paul Coutant, Parks & Recreation

Jeff Garner, Police

Eric Gudjohnsen, Fire

Tina Hansen, Information Services

John Harding, Police

Peggy Hoffpauir Lewis, Library

Kenneth Rawson, Fire

Michael Salazar, Parks & Recreation

William Schneider, Police

Jonathan Stieg, Police

Kathleen Tharp, Police

Curtis Westbrook, Police

Jeff Williams, Police

25 Years of Service
David Drake, Police

Warren Egerton, Police

Barbara Humphries, Municipal Court

Bill Thornton, Parks & Recreation