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Northeast Times | June 30, 2022

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Arlington Property Renewal Program Continues to Strengthen Neighborhoods

Arlington Property Renewal Program Continues to Strengthen Neighborhoods

Living alone and unemployed because of his health, Diep Nguyen found himself overwhelmed last year by the growing number of code violations at his central Arlington home.

The yard was overgrown. The paint on his house was peeling. The garage doors, patio door and wooden deck were rotting. One window was broken and the burglar bars across others were falling off.

But today, Nguyen is much prouder of how his home and yard looks. Through the City of Arlington’s Property Renewal Program, Code Compliance Services officers were able to work with Nguyen to take care of his many code violations. Tapping the Arlington Building Rehabilitation Fund, the City spent about $13,000 to cut down and haul away dead trees and overgrown shrubs, mow the high grass, replace broken doors and windows, rebuild the small wooden deck, paint the home, repair hazardous electrical wiring, haul away an old vehicle and bring the property back up to code.

“It looks really  nice,” said Nguyen, who has lived in Arlington for 20 years. “It’s really a big help for me in a difficult time.”

The City launched the Property Renewal Program in 2015 in an effort to positively impact property values and engage, connect and protect Arlington residents by providing services that promote safe and strong neighborhoods. The program, which aligns with the City Council priority to Champion Great Neighborhoods, provides financial assistance to single-family property owners who meet federal poverty guidelines and cannot afford to bring their property into compliance.

Each time a property owner pays a civil citation for a code violation in Arlington, a $25 fee goes into the Building Rehabilitation Fund. This fund in turn helps assist eligible property owners such as Nguyen to bring their property up to code. Click here to learn who is eligible to receive funds through the program.

Common violations include but are not limited to roof damage, chipped or peeling exterior paint, damaged doors and windows, hazardous wiring and defective air conditioning equipment.

Since the program started, Arlington has invested nearly $65,000 in cleanup and repairs that aim to strengthen neighborhoods across The American Dream City.