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Northeast Times | June 26, 2022

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Colleyville: State of the City Higlights

Colleyville: State of the City Higlights

Recently, Mayor Richard Newton presented the annual State of the City. In one word, Mayor Newton described the city as “exceptional.” Supporting this proclamation was a detailed analysis of the city’s five foundational elements for success: (1) conservative financial management, (2) long-term capital improvement planning, (3) designation as the “safest city in Texas,” (4) healthy development climate, and (5) a focus on servant leadership.

In Colleyville, conservative fiscal leadership requires a focus on maintaining extraordinary municipal services through efficient budget management. In a time where municipal property tax rates continue to increase, Colleyville lowered the tax rate to ensure no additional property tax dollars would be collected on existing properties. This accomplishment was only possible through efficiency efforts that saved the taxpayers nearly $1 million while maintaining, and in some cases, expanding city services.

Infrastructure planning in Colleyville includes published 5-year capital plans for roads, sewer/water, trails, buildings, and community features. Unique to Colleyville is the requirement that all 5-year capital plans must be fully funded with no debt. In 2019 Colleyville has allocated nearly $16 million to capital improvements without issuing bonded debt. 2019 projects include a new plaza space in front of City Hall and exceptional median enhancements along SH26.

Mayor Newton applauded Colleyville’s first responders by recognizing our city’s designation as the safest city in Texas and the 13th safest in the nation. Last year alone our Fire Department boasted five cardiac saves – more than most first responders will see in an entire career. The sense of community evident in the actions of our police and fire personnel was celebrated with public testimonials. School safety was highlighted as a priority of the city in cooperation with our local school district leaders. Mayor Newton spoke about the steps Colleyville police took, along with Grapevine police, to ensure school safety was top priority. There is nothing more important than the safety of our children.

Sales tax for 2018 was up 4% over the previous year in Colleyville. Assistant City Manager Mark Wood discussed the quarterly programs Colleyville has implemented to support our local businesses. The City also recently launched another initiative aimed at helping local business owners improve the appearance of their buildings. This new program, Colleyville BEST, provides targeted grants for businesses located on SH26 that are willing to invest in their property. The City will match those investments with grant funding. This money can be used for things like new signs, exterior painting, landscaping, and other exterior improvements.

A video of the State of the City will be available online by the end of February for residents to view.