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Northeast Times | August 10, 2022

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Fort Worth: City to purchase YMCA building, repurpose it as a community center

Fort Worth: City to purchase YMCA building, repurpose it as a community center

In response to ongoing community discussions around improvements needed in Las Vegas Trail area and in partnership with the YMCA of Fort Worth and LVTRise, the Fort Worth City Council unanimously agreed to purchase the Westside YMCA building near Las Vegas Trail and renovate it into a new community center and park.

“We are pleased to provide a permanent location for the many partners working with LVTRise to serve the residents in the Las Vegas Trail area,” said Brian Byrd, Fort Worth City Council Member representing District 3 and the Las Vegas Trail area. “Many thanks to everyone who has worked so hard these past 18 months.”

The Y has agreed to sell the property to the city for $242,000 plus closing costs, knowing that together with multiple organizations at the table a bigger impact will be made. The property includes about five acres of land, two buildings totaling 12,650 feet, a parking lot and recreation amenities. As part of the proposed renovations to maximize utilization of the property, the existing, aging swimming pool on the site will be filled in.

“We are excited for what these partnerships will bring to the Las Vegas Trail area,” notes Tony Shuman, President and CEO of the YMCA of Metropolitan Fort Worth. “We will be able to better serve families in west Fort Worth by partnering with the City of Fort Worth, Las Vegas Trail Revitalization Project and other local partners to make a larger impact.”

The Westside YMCA location will transition to a city-owned property in mid-April and will be managed by LVTRise, a cooperative effort by private companies, human services organizations and government agencies including: Tarrant Area Food Bank, Community Learning Center, Tarrant Area Public Health, Workforce Solutions, YMCA of Fort Worth, Boys and Girls Club, WestAid, and Fort Worth Public Library.

The Y will continue to provide wellness and youth programs in partnership with LVTRise in West Fort Worth.

The existing YMCA building will be renovated to accommodate new programming needs and to address ADA accessibility. Total estimated cost for building renovation and site improvements is $3.2 million.

Beginning April 1, the initial hours of operations will be 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Service providers will be onsite Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.

“I am proud to witness such a key transition for LVTRise,” said Karmen Rubin, LVTRise Executive Director. “We are well on our way to executing the vision of providing the Las Vegas Trail community a social service hub through the spirit of collaboration with dedicated partners.”

Just over four acres of land will be dedicated as Calmont Park. An additional one acre of land will be reserved for future growth of LVTRise programming. The property and improvements will be leased to LVTRise, which will in turn be responsible for providing programs, services and recreational opportunities for the community.

Residents, including current YMCA members, will be able to use this new community center free of charge. For more information on the new community center, visit