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Northeast Times | July 3, 2022

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City of Southlake and Carroll ISD Strong Partnership

City of Southlake and Carroll ISD Strong Partnership

City Council approved an Interlocal Agreement with the Carroll Independent School District (CISD) for the utilization of a fiber optic network at the April 16 City Council meeting.

The ten-year agreement is for the shared usage of the existing CISD fiber infrastructure. The network runs underground from DPS North to The Marq Southlake. It is designed to provide high-performance data, networking and telecommunications for long distances, and supports everyday technology like Cable TV, telephone systems and the internet.

This partnership not only allows the City and Carroll ISD to support the community, it also increases redundancy across the City, while decreasing the cost for the taxpayer by sharing what is already in place.

The cost associated with the connection will come out of the FY 2019 Community Enhancement Development Corporation (CEDC) Operating Budget where the City will assist with 50% of the maintenance cost.

The City has a long history of working with Carroll ISD, programs like Southlake Kids Interested In Leadership (SKIL), the School Resource Officer (SRO) Program and, to name a few, are partnerships  that the City and Carroll ISD  have joined forces to accomplish the commitment to excellence by  building a sustainable safe community for residents and visitors.

“The City of Southlake and CISD have sustained a valuable partnership throughout history because it allows both parties to work together and provide the best results for our residents and the community,” stated Chief Financial Officer Sharon Jackson.