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Northeast Times | June 26, 2022

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Conserving Westlake’s Natural Beauty for Years to Come

Conserving Westlake’s Natural Beauty for Years to Come

Part of what makes Westlake so distinct is Town Council and staff’s attention to preserving its unique landscape for generations to come. This was never more evident than when Council approved the zoning change from commercial to residential for the piece of property located off Solana Boulevard known as the Knolls of Solana.

The property consists of nearly 63 acres of previously untouched land. While some of those acres will be developed for new homes, it was important to maintain as much of the land’s natural beauty as possible. That’s why the developer agreed to deed 22 acres to the Town, which will be turned into what’s known as the Cross Timbers Ridge Conservation Area.

The purpose of the conservation area is to work to preserve the land as it is today and to keep the wildlife and vegetation that call that area home, intact. To achieve that, the developer has installed a fence and will be placing signs along it indicating that there is limited access to the area that may be authorized only by Town personnel so that its natural state can remain.

One of the attributes that makes the land so unique is that it contains a ridge. The topography of this space is rare for North Texas. Essentially, this area was the last remaining remnant of the old Cross Timbers region that used to be so prevalent in what is now known as Denton and Tarrant Counties. Usually conservation areas are in flood plains and cannot be developed. This land is not – which makes it so special that it will not be developed in the future, despite the fact it would be in high demand.

“This is just the latest piece of Westlake’s comprehensive plan to help keep the natural beauty of the Town that we’re all accustomed to. We knew the land would someday be developed, but when it did, it was the Town’s mission to ensure that the conservation area was secured. We’re very happy with the result and are confident Westlake residents will be too”, says Westlake Town Manager, Amanda DeGan.