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Northeast Times | August 16, 2022

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Southlake Police Department Welcomes Two Lateral Transfers

Southlake Police Department Welcomes Two Lateral Transfers

The Southlake Police Department welcomed two new lateral transfers over the past few months.  Both officers came from other agencies, so they completed an abbreviated training process and are now on the streets protecting our community.

Officer Ivy Busby came to Southlake from the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) Police Department, where she served for two and a half years.  She had grown up in a close knit community in northern New Jersey and lived across the street from the police department, where she had amazing officers as role models.

Most of her calls for DART revolved around transit calls, so it’s been a challenging but successful learning process here for her to apply the same basic police skills and instincts to a completely new world.

Officer Busby said she loves Southlake because of the powerful support system the community gives the police department through the citizens, business owners, politicians and educators.  “This allows me as an officer and Southlake as a community to be an example of teamwork and innovation to communities around the world.”

Officer Taylor Mueller was a two-year veteran of the Arlington Police Department and joined Southlake in March of 2019 after stumbling across Southlake’s social media pages.  Those caused him to look more into the department and see if it would be a good fit.

“I was shocked at how fast I connected with my co-workers,”  Officer Mueller said.  “I began to develop incredible friendships during the first week of training.”

Officer Mueller said his favorite part about being a police officer is engaging with the community and being there for people when they are truly in need.