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Northeast Times | August 9, 2022

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Bedford Author Launches New Crime Series with a Uniquely Texan Twang

Bedford Author Launches New Crime Series with a Uniquely Texan Twang

Bedford, Texas – Longtime Texas resident Deanna King took the wide-open spaces of Houston to use as her backdrop for her new book, “Twist of Fate: A Jack West Novel,” incorporating the realism, manners, and Southern charm of the Lone Star State. “Twist of Fate,” King’s debut novel, officially released on May 23. King, who lives in Bedford, chose Houston for its rich history, diversified culture and melting pot of ethnicities — scenes play out in real-life locales like Antone’s Po-Boy, James Coney Island and the Lone Star Saloon, in an edgy, page-turningstoryline with fleshed-out characters you’ll want to root for (or against). The story follows homicide detective Jack West who looks to clear a 30-year-old case. Old cases, new cases, deathbed stories, and cover-ups come to a dramatic conclusion — not just one person is guilty of committing a crime.Forced to change career gears in midlife, King picked up the proverbial pen and set her sights on a dream of becoming a published author. Interested in writing in her high school years, she “let her life get in the way of her life” and set aside this dream. King decided to take a run at writing a crime novel, and with this debut novel under her belt, she has not let up and has finished her second Jack West novel and almostcompleted the third novel of this series. She intends to keep her protagonist, Jack West, busy keeping the streets of Houston cleaned up and safe.King has advice for aspiring writers, “keep writing, believe in yourself and never stop dreaming”.You can follow King on Facebook (Deanna King Writing) for all upcoming book events and activities.Twitter @DkingNovelistReaders may also reach out to King via email @