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Northeast Times | August 12, 2022

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Colleyville: Take the 2019 Citizen Survey

Colleyville: Take the 2019 Citizen Survey
The City of Colleyville conducts a Citizen Survey every two years to get resident perspectives about the community and available services. Residents’ opinions and insights shape the plans and actions of the City of Colleyville. The survey will help city leadership gauge how the City is performing, but more importantly, it plays a critical role in determining future City programs and initiatives.
2019 Focus
The survey includes questions about quality of life, services provided by the City of Colleyville, and priorities for the future. One portion of the survey asks residents to consider potential options for a Multipurpose Recreation Facility and provide feedback. Another section gives residents the opportunity to comment on the City’s economic development initiatives. Responses are completely anonymous and are tabulated by a third party.
The 2019 Citizen Survey is now open through Saturday, November 9. Residents are encouraged to take a few minutes to complete the survey by visiting
Residents with questions about the survey can contact the City Manager’s Office by phone at 817.503.1110 or by email at
Thank you for your invaluable participation.