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Northeast Times | August 12, 2022

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Colleyville Receives 2019 Municipal Excellence Award

Colleyville Receives 2019 Municipal Excellence Award

During the 2019 Texas Municipal League (TML) Annual Conference and Exhibition in San Antonio, the City of Colleyville received a 2019 Municipal Excellence Award in city spirit for cities over 25,000 in population. The award recognized the City for its quarterly business promotion programs.

In 2017, the Texas Department of Transportation began a major reconstruction and expansion of State Highway 26, which is the main commercial corridor of the City of Colleyville. While seen as a much-needed transformation, Colleyville businesses along the corridor were negatively affected by the project – many seeing double-digit declines in sales. In response, the City implemented successful quarterly promotional programs that were created to encourage residents to support local businesses. The campaigns included a receipt collection contest by local schools, gift cards to all residents, and advertising assistance.

TML’s Municipal Excellence Awards recognize and encourage the achievements of Texas cities in meeting the challenge of municipal governance. Innovative problem-solving, excellence in management, increasing citizen participation, and reaching toward higher service levels are all daily occurrences in Texas cities, and they deserve recognition. This awards program seeks out the best of these programs to honor. Awards are given in two population categories (under 25,000 and over 25,000) and five areas (management innovations, communication programs, city spirit, public safety, and public works).