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Northeast Times | November 30, 2021

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Sharing Good News in the Metroplex

Sharing Good News in the Metroplex
Throughout the month of January, Jehovah’s Witnesses in North Texas have
engaged in a special campaign to reach out to the more than 100,000 Vietnamese-language speakers living inthe
Metroplex. Campaign volunteers have come from across the country to participate in this special effort. Some have
traveled from as far as Utah, California, and even Hawaii to assist local Witnesses insharing with the Vietnamese
community the good news message of the Bible.
Many of those contacted have been surprised tohear
people of a different ethnic background speak to them in
their native language. Breonne Seckel, one ofthe
volunteers, relates, “While walking through a store, I
greeted a Vietnamese worker, ‘Chào cô!’ She excitedly
acknowledged that she understood and asked if I was
Vietnamese or American. Our entire conversation
continued in Vietnamese. After the initial greeting, she
called another Vietnamese woman over to listen tothe
conversation. I told them that I was one of Jehovah’s
Witnesses and that we were sharing good news from the
Bible with Vietnamese-speaking people. Another
Vietnamese woman started walking our way and the initial
woman called her over to our conversation. Later yet,
another Vietnamese woman joined the group.
Campaign volunteers have expressed joy for the opportunity to be part of this special effort. Alicia Cook, another
volunteer, stated, “Wow! What a wonderful day we had in the special campaign. Can’t wait to do it all again
tomorrow!” Quite a few of those participating in the campaign are native Vietnamese-language speakers
themselves. Others have undertaken learning Vietnamese as a second language to aid in their goal of reaching as
many as possible with thisgood news.
The special Vietnamese outreach campaign continues through the end of the month in DallasFort Worth and
Houston. Campaigns in additional languages are planned for future dates. Jehovah’s Witnesses are known
worldwide for their Bible education work and house-to-house ministry. They believe that the message of the Bible
is for people of all languages, cultures, and ethnicities and they dedicate many resources to their translation work.
JW.ORG is the world’s most translated website with Bible-based content available in over 1,000 languages.
For more information, please contact Kevin Jenkins at 214-632-1756