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Northeast Times | January 19, 2022

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Hurst – Senior Pipeline Febuary

Hurst – Senior Pipeline Febuary

Senior Pipeline Tidings – By Maurine LeCocq, HSAC Journalist

When did you last think about meeting, then dating, your spouse? What did you do on your dates? What made this person stand out above all the others? Trust me, it’s fun to take that trip back down Memory Lane! Let me share a few of our memories to get you started. The Young Adult Group at the church Andy was attending invited the Young Adult Group from the church I grew up in to join them for an evening. Andy was part of a hilarious skit that he had done with his fraternity in college. I was very shy then but made an extra effort to go up and tell him how much I enjoyed it. Andy was full of energy, enthusiasm, curiosity, and vitality like I had never seen. In my eyes, he was bigger than life. I had never known anyone quite like him. Our first date was to dance. We enjoyed dancing together. Enroute to and from the dance we discovered we also loved singing. We sang wherever we went. Andy has had a beautiful voice ever since I’ve known him. We have always sung in church choirs. Many people told us that they have never known a person his age who still sings so beautifully. Music is an integral part of our lives. We sang in churches in England, Scotland, and a pub in Ireland while on a choir tour. We love the outdoors! We snow skied, water-skied, ice skated, fished, hiked, camped, traveled a lot. Having a family enhanced the love we shared together and with our children. We loved traveling! Before Kids we flew to London, picked up an MGB and spent six weeks driving around Europe, sight-seeing (made friends with a bunch of singing German students on a Rhine River trip), visiting family, hiking and camping in the Swiss Mountains with a friend, We have taken cruises with friends We always enjoyed the dancing, entertainment, and shore excursions. Andy did a lot of traveling when he worked and whenever possible the boys and I joined him. We had so much fun together as a couple and as a family We are now considered Senior Citizens but that doesn’t mean our lives stop, thanks to HSAC! We have taken classes, danced, played games, taken educational trips, enriched our lives, and made a lot of friends. We’ve even been able to bring our adult children and grandchildren to HSAC for special family events. Andy was able to participate in exercise classes he had never had time to do before, and I realized a life-long dream of having a by-line (here in the Sr. Pipeline… Thanks Michelle Varley and Linda Rae).