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Northeast Times | August 14, 2022

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BISD – Board Meeting Update

BISD – Board Meeting Update

Summary of Actions

Approved the donations from:

  • Richland Area Band Boosters to BISD Fine Arts;
  • Eduphoria Aware to the Planning, Assessment and Research Department;
  • Halliburton to Birdville High cheer; and
  • Birdville Band Boosters to Birdville High band.

Approved the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) Policy Update 114. Update 114 reflects changes in the law based upon recent administrative law and court decisions. Revisions were made to policies:

  • BE (LOCAL) Board Meetings [replace]
  • BED (LOCAL) Board Meetings: Public Participation [replace, includes revisions recommended by Birdville ISD]
  • CDA (LOCAL) Other Revenues: Investments [replace]
  • CH (LOCAL) Purchasing and Acquisition [replace]
  • CKC (LOCAL) Safety Program/Risk Management: Emergency Plans [replace]
  • CKE (LOCAL) Safety Program/Risk Management: Security Personnel [replace]
  • CQ (LOCAL) Technology Resources [replace]
  • CQB (LOCAL) Technology Resources: Cybersecurity [add]
  • DFFA (LOCAL) Reduction in Force: Financial Exigency [replace]
  • DH (LOCAL) Employee Standards of Conduct [replace]
  • EHBB (LOCAL) Special Programs: Gifted and Talented Students [replace, includes revisions recommended by Birdville ISD]
  • FDE (LOCAL) Admissions: School Safety Transfers [replace]
  • FFAA (LOCAL) Wellness and Health Services: Physical Examinations [replace]
  • FFB (LOCAL) Student Welfare: Crisis Intervention [add]
  • FFBA (LOCAL) Crisis Intervention: Trauma-Informed Care [add]
  • FL (LOCAL) Student Records [replace]
  • GBAA (LOCAL) Information Access: Requests for Information [replace]
  • GKA (LOCAL) Community Relations: Conduct on School Premises [replace]

Approved cancellation of the 2020 BISD Board of Trustees General Election. Joe Tolbert, Place 1, and Kelvin Dilks, Place 2, filed and are unopposed for the May 2 election.

Approved the Tarrant Appraisal District (TAD) appraisal fees.

Approved the resolution approving the requirements of the Public Funds Investment Act.

Approved budget amendments.