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Northeast Times | November 30, 2021

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HEB ISD Parent Update for March 29

HEB ISD Parent Update for March 29

Grab & Go Meal Changes Starting March 30

HEB ISD’s Grab & Go meals have a new schedule and 2 new locations beginning March 30.

  • NEW – Centreport (between Crest Centreport & Centreport Landing)
  • NEW – Post Oak East Apartments

If you drive to the meal pick-up, all adults and children must remain in your vehicle.

If you walk to the meal pick-up, please leave at least 6 feet between families.

Starting March 30, in order to reduce stress on parents and abide by the Tarrant County Stay Home Work Safe order, children do NOT have to be present for parents to pick up meals. The Grab & Go meals are for kids 18 years and younger.

New Time: 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM

New Days: Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday (there will not be a meal pick-up on Wednesday and Friday). On Monday, you can pick up one breakfast and one lunch per child. On Tuesday and Thursday, you can pick up two breakfasts and two lunches per child.


  • Bellaire Elementary
  • Bell Manor Elementary
  • NEW – Centreport (between Crest Centreport & Centreport Landing)
  • Midway Park Elementary
  • Oakwood Terrace Elementary
  • NEW – Post Oak East Apartments
  • Stonegate Elementary
  • Westdale Hills (location of summer “Lunch & Learn”)
  • West Hurst Elementary

Grades Update

Although the weather is beautiful and the sun is bright, school is not out for the summer! School continues to be in session, and we are learning remotely now. Due to the COVID-19 closure, HEB ISD will be recording grades as pass or fail while using remote learning. Passing criteria will be defined as meeting at least 70% mastery of content. The pass/fail criteria will allow students to show mastery, earn credit and/or promotion without affecting GPA. Once the closure is over, we will communicate on returning to numeric grading.

Students are required to complete work. Teachers will be assessing work, providing feedback, and assigning pass/fail grades. Students need to continue to work toward mastery of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, and promotion standards will be based on the student’s ability to demonstrate mastery. It is imperative that parents, students, and teachers work together to ensure students meet these requirements and are prepared for next school year.

Elementary Students Only: Beginning on April 6 at the latest, teachers will provide feedback to students on their assigned activities. At the same time, students in grades 5-6 will be moving to Google classroom. Those students who do not have connectivity will continue to receive instructional packets each Monday. Teachers will work with students who do not have connectivity to gather activities and provide feedback.  

Secondary Students Only: Beginning March 30, all secondary students will be moving to Google Classroom. Students will access Google Classrooms through their ClassLink account. Most students know how to do this, but to assist all, we have posted specific directions on the Home Education Bridge website. Students in grades 7 – 12 will be enrolled in Google Classrooms for each course, according to their current schedule. All students should be enrolled in the appropriate courses. If a student has a question, he/she should email the appropriate counselor or assistant principal. Once we are in Google Classroom, follow the teacher’s instructions as to work assigned, live sessions, and due dates of activities.

If a student does not have the ability to access online learning, he/she should contact your counselor or assistant principal. If a student has access to online learning but is having technical difficulty, he/she should email . A contact phone number must be included in the email so a Helpdesk employee can assist you.

For more information, view our HEB ISD Grading Guidelines Amendment (pdf).