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Northeast Times | August 14, 2022

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Medicaid Formulary Updates

Medicaid Formulary Updates

Temporary Change in Status for Inhaled Glucocorticoid, Insulin Hypoglycemics Drug Classes

VDP temporarily revised the preferred drug list on April 1 to address reported possible drug shortages of products in the inhaled glucocorticoid and hypoglycemic insulin drug classes. The change allows providers to prescribe these drugs without requiring a non-preferred prior authorization and people enrolled in Medicaid continued access to necessary medication. A list of affected drugs is available on the VDP website.

Ranitidine Products Removed from Formulary

On April 1 the Food and Drug Administration requested manufacturers withdraw all ranitidine products (commonly known by the brand name Zantac) from the market because of consumer exposure to unacceptable levels of impurities. VDP removed all ranitidine products from the Medicaid and CHIP formularies on April 2. This is a temporary change until the preferred products are sufficiently available in the market. A list of the removed drugs is on the VDP website.