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Northeast Times | August 17, 2022

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Carroll ISD Announcement

Carroll ISD Announcement
National French Contest Winners Announced!
Join Carroll ISD in congratulating the following winners of the National French Contest, a rigorous and competitive nationwide exam: Carolyn Teng, platinum award winner (the highest performance ever at Carroll Senior High, she received the highest score in her level 3 and is ranked 1st nationally), Harper Moxcey, gold award winner for placing in the 95th percentile for level 3, Nikki Olaleye and Rhiana Prince, silver award winners for placing in 90th or 85th percentile in level 3 and level AP, respectively, and Claudia Alonso Pagan, bronze award winner for placing in the 80th or 75th percentile in level AP 
Multiple students received honorable mention including Kayin Jones (level 5), Jake Hyslop, Peyton Lawrence, and Chloe Moore (level AP), Ana Metelski, Richa Nag, Heather Quintana, Madeleine Snell, Liam Timberlake, & Sophie Walters (level 3)

Summer Reading with Southlake Public Library
School’s out which means it’s time for Southlake Public Library’s Summer Reading Program! Online and for all ages! The fun starts on June 1. Follow this link for more information.

Free Summer Online Learning Opportunities
Would you like your child to have the opportunity to participate in a program that will sharpen their math and English Language Arts skills?  If so, then you will not want to miss this opportunity.  Starting Monday, June 15 and going through Friday, July 3, students going into grades 2nd through 11th will have the opportunity to get an intensified start on the upcoming school year by attending optional math and English Language Arts sessions online. 
The classes will be one hour in length and they will be taught by our own Carroll ISD teachers. The sessions will not be for credit and the material taught will be not graded instead we are hoping to provide a deeper understanding of the TEKS for our students. In addition to the academic skills, our counselors will also be providing social-emotional online learning courses for students in grades K-12. These sessions will include managing stress and emotions, feeling empathy for others, and making responsible decisions. More information will be coming, but if you are interested be sure to save these dates.

Rising Seniors Admissions 101 – Fit vs Brand Webinar Replay
Your Senior High Counselors and guest presenter Beverly Wheeler have prepared an “Admissions 101… Fit vs Brand” video for you to help answer many questions about choosing the “right” university as well as how COVID-19 will impact the class of 2021 with the college admission’s process. Click here to view.

School Supplies Orders Are Officially Open!The Southlake Women’s Club annual school supply has begun, parents will have until July 12th to place their on-line orders.  Only delivery will be offered this year for a flat $5.00 fee.  Delivery will the week of August 5.  Please click here to order your supplies. This is a fundraiser benefiting the participating schools. 

Community News
Southlake Girls Softball Association Registration
Fall softball registration is underway for girls ages 4-15. No prior experience necessary.  50% off Registration through June 30!   Please register as soon as possible since availability may be limited by the number of teams. Register at SGSA.ORGIf you have any questions please contact us at