June 21, 2024

With all the District 4-6A baseball and softball teams wrapping up their seasons, the league’s coaches have released the 2024 All-District selections, with 73 Keller ISD student-athletes earning honors.

Congratulations to the following Keller ISD baseball players who earned All-District 4-6A Baseball superlatives, first or second team recognition, or honorable mention: 

District 4-6A Most Valuable PlayerAustin Myers (TCHS) 

District 4-6A Pitcher of the Year
Mason Cook (KHS)

District 4-6A Offensive Player of the Year 
Mitchell Bird (TCHS) 

Utility Player All-District 4-6A 
Harold Christana (TCHS)

Infielders – 1st Team All-District 4-6A Andrew Allen (TCHS)
Brett Holmes (FRHS)
Fisher Polydoroff (KHS)

Outfielders – 1st Team All-District 4-6A 
Jackson Ridge (KHS)
Brock Burkett (KHS)

Pitchers – 1st Team All-District 4-6A 
Keegan Harsh (FRHS)
Chris Langley (KHS)

Catchers – 1st Team All-District 4-6A 
Jake Scheiden (KHS)

Infielders – 2nd Team All-District 4-6A Josh Black (CHS)
Zach Wanoreck (TCHS)

Pitchers – 2nd Team All-District 4-6A 
Michael Dobbins (CHS)
Adrian Thoreson (CHS)

Designated Hitter Only All-District 4-6A
Jackson Bass (TCHS)

Congratulations to the following Keller ISD softball players who earned All-District 4-6A Softball superlatives:

District 4-6A Most Valuable PlayerSadie Beck (KHS) 

Catcher of the Year
Kaiya Fabela (KHS)

First Team All-District
Izzy Bojkovic (TCHS)
Taylor Serio (TCHS)
Cameron Stuhr (TCHS)
Cheenne Wardell (TCHS)
Megan Costa (CHS)
Yaritza Santiago (FRHS)
Landry Beaman (KHS)
Carley Genzer (KHS)
Cambree Cribbs (KHS)
Mackenna Jackson (KHS)

Second Team All-District
Riley Kuiper (TCHS)
Megan Allen (TCHS)
Addi Brown (CHS)
Maggie Meche (CHS)
Savanah Tatum (CHS)
Desirae Lopez (FRHS)
Callie Mauppin (FRHS)
Lauren Kavanaugh (KHS)
Maggie Crowe (KHS)

Honorable Mention All-District
Payton Alexander (TCHS)
Addy McFarland (TCHS)
Brooklyn Wardell (TCHS)
Kennedy Diermier (FRHS)
Olivia Scott (FRHS)
Addi Clark (KHS)
Annsley Groce (KHS)

Congratulations to the following softball student-athletes, as well, who qualified for Academic All-District 4-6A as varsity players carrying a 90 average or higher during the academic year: 

Central High School
Emily Balaun
Addi Brown
Kylie Grasty
Hannah Hanson
Marilyn Korywchak
Gabby Redmond
Alyson Watson
Emory Bardin
Megan Costa
Maggie Meche

Fossil Ridge High School
Sarah Chrisman
Samantha Francis
Olivia Scott
Briley Wilson
Kennedy Diermier
Callie Mauppin
Yaritza Santiago
Jayden Johnston
Mia Lopez
Gianna Renzi
Shelby Gossage
Madison Hertwig
Desirae Lopez
Trinity Partin

Timber Creek High School
Isabel Miller
Cameron Stuhr
Shae Stone
Megan Allen
Cheyenne Wardell
Kenna Morris
Brooklyn Wardell
Savannah Hardin
Adriana Trujillo
Isabella Bojkovic
Aly Barrera
Addy McFarland
Payton Alexander
Caysen Weddle
Holly Mahan
Katelyn Pegram
Riley Kuiper
Taylor Serio

Keller High School
Landry Beaman 
Sadie Beck 
Cambree Cribbs
Kaiya Fabela 
Carley Genzer 
Annsley Groce
Mackenna Jackson 
Grace Johnson 
Lauren Kavanaugh