July 24, 2024

7:45 AM UPDATE: We have an update to report from our earlier message. The problem in our pump station has been identified and a temporary fix has been put into place. The tank is once again filling with water so it is safe to resume your normal water usage. 

Parts have been ordered to make the permanent repairs needed and our crews are closely monitoring the levels as they continue to rise.

We want to thank you for your help in conserving water and apologize for any inconvenience the issue caused you this morning.  

6:30 AM UPDATE: Early this morning the Town of Westlake lost a transformer inside our pump station that killed all but one water pump that fills our water tower. 

That pump is not keeping up with demand and we are down to just 3 feet of water in the water tower. If the tank level goes to zero we will have to issue a boil water notice telling everyone they would have to boil their water before it was safe to drink due to the loss of pressure. 

We have repair crews on the scene now. However, with so many people waking up and getting ready for work, we’re fearful the amount of water being used will cause the levels to drop to zero. With that said, we are asking everyone to conserve water as best you can until further notice. The main way to conserve is to turn off your irrigation systems immediately. 

There is no timetable for a repair so we ask that you all limit your water usage until further notice. We’re sorry for the inconvenience and will let you know soon about the progress.