June 20, 2024

Our Carroll Business Professionals of America members from Carroll Sr High/High & Carroll Middle have returned from the National Conference in Chicago, and they rocked it!


1st place – Health Insurance & Medical Billing: Parin Chanana

3rd place – Podcast Production Team: Kavya Athipatla/Shaadana Rajesh/Anushka Velala

4th place – Payroll Accounting: Jason Gao

5th place – User Design Experience: Ashlynn Tusneem/Serena Tusneem/Weiyiyi Wei

11th place – Global Marketing Team: Nita Dutta/Sinduja Challakonda/Jackson Wang

From CMS:

1st place – Spreadsheet Applications:Thanish Madrira

1st place – Business Fundamentals Concepts: Rishis Golla

1st place – Extemporaneous Speech: Suhas Chelluri

1st place – Human Resource Exploration:Nehal Lingala

1st place – Presentation Team: Suhas Chelluri/Yashvir Docca/Akshay Konduri

1st place – Computer Literacy Concepts: Ellie Kim

1st place –  Ethical Leadership and Decision Making Team: Anuj Adusumilli/Rooban Vijay

1st place – Virtual Branding Team: Giana Sun,Tatthva Sharma,Siah Ponoth, Amber Lin

1st place – Business Startup: Thanish Madrira, Anish Agarwal, Vyas Vishnukumar, Adhyan Kalva

2nd place – Ethical Leadership and Decision Making Team: Navya Brahmbhatt/Victoria Stovall

2nd place – Presentation Team: Ved Dave/Rishi Golla/Arnav Tomer/Arjun Vasan

2nd place – Business Communication Skills Concepts:Akito Fujimaki

2nd place – Human Resource Exploration: Sharan Vangala

3rd place – Digital Citizenship: Vyas Vishnukumar

3rd place – Digital Game Design Team: Sarah Cai/Savina Dang/Asheera Espina/Ellie Kim

3rd place – Prepared Speech: Adeena Hussain

3rd place – Business Communication Skills Concepts: Suhas Chelluri

4th place – Business Communication Skills Concepts: Sharan Vangala

5th place – Human Resource Exploration: Arjun Vasan

7th place – Video Production Team: Navya Brahmbhatt/Pranavi Potluri/Victoria Stovall