June 20, 2024

DWC is accepting public comments on proposed rules amending 28 Texas Administrative Code (TAC) Chapter 127 and  Chapter 131. The amendments and new sections implement House Bill 2468, 88th Legislature, Regular Session (2023). HB 2468 expanded eligibility requirements and created a new qualifying condition and review process specific to first responders for lifetime income benefits.

DWC is also accepting public comments on the draft forms and notices below:

  • Revised: DWC Form-032, Request for designated doctor examination.
  • New: DWC Form-038, Application for lifetime income benefits.
  • New: DWC Form-039, First responder’s annual certification for lifetime income benefits.
  • Revised: DWC PLN-04, Notice of eligibility for lifetime income benefits.
  • Revised: DWC PLN-07, Notice of change of indemnity benefit type.

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