July 24, 2024

New and improved. The online Notebook provided by the Texas Appraiser Licensing & Certification Board to log appraisal experience is enhanced with features that will speed up application processing.

The Notebook is a digital tracker that can be used to log experience hours, get supervisor approval, and submit experience to the Board. It also auto tallies hours—this means no more manual counting. Find your totals in the Appraisal Experience Dashboard.

To log hours, go to notebook.talcb.texas.gov/Home. When ready to submit to the Board, go to www.notebook.talcb.texas/home/apply. You will only be able to select Dashboard entries that are eligible for submission. Keep in mind, submitting experience should come after applying for licensure. 

Watch the below video to get familiarized with the updated tool! Alternatively, the paper TALCB experience log and instructions can be found on the forms page of the TALCB website.