June 21, 2024
Sometimes everything hits at once and even after doing everything right, it’s perfectly acceptable to admit you need help. Sometimes, everyone needs a little GRACE.
Recently, GRACE had the opportunity to say ‘yes’ to a family facing great distress. A job loss, being the victim of a financial scam, and holding the responsibility of an ailing child had sent a once financially stable household into crisis.
They had been doing all they could to remain in good standing and worked hard to fill the financial gaps with temporary jobs while looking for full-time work, but all efforts had been limited due to their son not being able to be without constant care.
They had reached a point where they knew they needed help. Rent was due in two weeks, and if not paid in full, they had been threatened by their landlord with the beginning of the eviction process. Our client stated that she had reached out to three different resources, but GRACE was the only one who called back.
After meeting with a Care Manager, GRACE was able to assist the client with partial rent which, with the family’s diligence, would remove the threat of eviction from them.
Our care managers hear impossible situations every single day, so many seem to be a long road towards a faint light of hope, or unfortunately, hopeless for the time being. Stories like these help us remember that what we do matters, even if it’s just one thing. That’s all this family needed to make it, was just this one thing – and the relief, joy, and gratitude that we received in return was truly priceless.
The cost of housing in our area is rising steadily and with it comes more and more financial pressure on our clients who are already stretching their dollars as far as they can. GRACE is taking steps to prepare for what is to come and will continue to pivot and provide for those in need – especially when that provision means keeping a family in their home.
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