July 22, 2024

AUSTIN – The Texas Health and Human Services Commission is launching the inaugural Healthy Texan Week June 10-16 to promote healthy eating habits and proper nutrition.

HHSC is partnering with community organizations to host nutrition-focused events throughout Texas that will feature cooking demonstrations, recreational activities and educational materials on health and wellness. 

In a proclamation issued May 29, 2024, Gov. Greg Abbott stated that promoting wellness at the community level can improve the lives of Texans.

“During Healthy Texan Week and throughout the year, let us all take a proactive role in our health; educate ourselves as best we can; and support our neighbors, friends, and loved ones along the journey toward holistic wellness,” Abbott stated in the proclamation.

Healthy Texan Week is organized by the HHSC SNAP-Ed program, which helps people optimize their SNAP benefits and teaches them how to prepare and cook healthy meals.

“HHSC recognizes the pivotal role that community engagement plays in enhancing public health outcomes,” said Summer Stringer, associate commissioner of Community Access at HHSC. “Healthy Texan Week embodies our commitment to working hand-in-hand with local organizations and communities to promote nutrition and wellness.”

Healthy Texan Week coincides with the recent launch of the HHSC “Good Food, Good Move” website. The online resource provides tips on making quick and affordable meals, ways to add exercise to your daily routine, and a searchable list of healthy recipes.

For more information about Healthy Texan Week and how to find a local community event, visit goodfoodgoodmove.org. To learn more about SNAP food benefits and SNAP-Ed resources, visit the HHSC food services website.