July 24, 2024

Drivers will encounter lane adjustments at three intersections this summer as the Public Works Department takes advantage of the pavement marking refresh initiative underway and the repaving on Bear Creek Parkway. Here’s what to expect:

Keller Smithfield at Bear Creek Parkway (at Keller Town Center)
As they pass Keller Town Center, the two lanes of southbound traffic at this intersection will see the right lane switch to a right-turn-only lane, helping eliminate the bottleneck that happens just after the intersection as drivers heading toward Hidden Lakes and Fire Station 1 are forced to merge.

Less significant but still notable, Public Works will also lengthen the right-turn lane at the southern Keller Smithfield/Bear Creek intersection directing traffic into the Keller Smithfield Activity Node to move that traffic out of the thru lane sooner.

North Tarrant Parkway at Rufe Snow Drive
Eastbound drivers will gain access to a new lane at this intersection as crews remove the striping and buttons that block several feet of the pavement on the south side of the road. Rather than having one left-turn-only lane, two thru lanes and a combined thru/right-turn lane, the new markings will provide the left-turn-only lane, three thru lanes and a dedicated right-turn-only lane.

Rufe Snow Drive at Bear Creek Parkway (at The Keller Pointe)
This intersection will see changes impacting two traffic directions. First, southbound drivers encountering a left-turn-only lane, two thru lanes and a combined thru/right-turn lane will soon see the right lane adjust to a right-turn-only lane.

Much like the adjustments planned at the northern Keller Smithfield/Bear Creek Parkway intersection, this change will help avoid merge issues south of the intersection as traffic crosses the bridge and improve access to Bear Creek Intermediate School, Bear Creek Park and Old Town Keller beyond.

Eastbound drivers will also see improvements aimed at allowing the intersection to handle more traffic, particularly during peak hours. Rather than one lane each dedicated to left-thru, thru and right-turn traffic, drivers will see two left-turn-only lanes helping move traffic north to Keller Town Center and Keller Parkway. The right lane will then become a combined thru/right-turn lane.

These projects are all expected to wrap up in the weeks ahead with fresh pavement markings and updated signage. Please stay alert and be patient with your fellow drivers as they adjust.

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